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The Start of Post-Season Drama

Alright – with the regular season of baseball winding up, it’s playoff time baby! It’s always been a bit… amusing that Ben and I root for different baseball teams but the real monkey wrench was when we met our vacation buddies from Pittsburgh who not only are huge vacation fans – they have season tickets for the Pirates and love, love, love baseball.

I’ll admit I’m more of a football then a baseball girl but we’ve had quite a fun summer watching games and have actually been to Miller park THREE times this year (and only the final time to see my team, the Cardinals). With the Brewers dismally limping away and the Cardinals and Pirates boasting the best two records in ALL of baseball, it’s a bit depressing that the so much firepower comes from just one division. It would be like the Packers, Patriots, Panthers, and Bengals being in the same division for football and only one with a shot at the Super Bowl but sometimes that’s the way it goes.

This past summer our wild and crazy Pirate friends came to Green Bay to experience fresh cheese curds, a Pittsburgh/Milwaukee baseball game, and the worst weekend of extreme heat I’ve ever seen… Now with the wild card game starting tomorrow I’m looking back on that weekend and hoping we’ll still all be friends after the baseball season is over.

This was an impromptu visit that we planned around the baseball schedule. Even though the Cards weren’t playing, I donned my red shirt and Ben tried not to roll his eyes at me (he thinks if I’m at Miller Park and the Cards aren’t playing then I should support HIM and HIS team. Pshaw!)

Ben took a half day of work and we zipped off to Milwaukee to do a little sightseeing or whatever (read: Trader Joe shopping) before our friends’ flight was supposed to land.


It was unbelievably HOT and HUMID so we packed a couple coolers and still decided nothing cold would last in the trunk so all our shopping was limited to dry goods and canned items. We also managed to get lost – our GPS couldn’t figure out all the road repairs!

Pretty but oh-so-hot

010 007

After we did our TJ shopping we walked over to Applebees for some air conditioning and lunch.





Us 🙂


We made the short walk back to the car and I was already damp. Eeek! We got a few texts that there flight was late so we camped out in the car ramp out of the sun with the A/C on full. Luckily they landed well before first pitch and we were ready for ball time!

Just in the time we took walking from the car into the stadium we ended up covered in sweat from head to toe. Somehow I managed to get a nice shot of the group before we were grumpy and boiled, lol


We were doing our best not to touch people sitting next to us because the sweat and stick from their arms was never something you wanted. This is seriously wrong folks – the guy sitting in front of me was sweating so much that there was a constant drip, drip, drip of sweat beads falling off the back of his hair and landing… right on my feet. #SoNasty

Nicole wasn’t impressed (and probably would kill me for posting this) but I think it shows how despite the treacherous conditions we still had a blast.


The menfolk went and secured us the most wonderfully delicious strawberry margaritas I’ve ever had. They were great for sipping and great for placing against my face!!

014 012 013

Can you see how flushed and pink my face looks in these pictures? Wow that heat was no joke!!

017 015  016

I can’t even remember who won! We ended up leaving after the 7th inning and I think everyone around us was sad to see us go. Four friends with three different teams must have been quite the sight. 🙂


Apparently people thought I was a hoot wearing my Cardinals shirt and each time the score for the Cards game would flash on the update board I’d jump up and scream “Let’s Go Cardinals”!!!!!! Normally that would be pretty obnoxious but I think people loved a little levity and distraction from the crazy heat. I even posed for a couple different ladies in my shirt and had some people yell down from the stands if they got score updates on their phone. Seriously, isn’t that crazy/cool?

We’d had all these exciting things planned to show them while they were in town but with the heat blasting full-force the entire trip, we stuck to indoor activities. We did manage a short trip to our local amusement park (tiny and on the bay so more wind) as well as trips to the chocolate store and cheese shop.

No trip would be complete without an authentic WI Supper club adventure!

026 025

It’s hard to believe we’ve only known these guys a year and feel like they are practically family. In fact, we’re planning a short stint back to Mexico next month and I can’t wait!! We’re doing a quick trip to fit in with work schedules and are hoping that Matt won’t be a sore loser when the Pirates lose to the Cardinals in the playoffs (and hopefully I didn’t jinx them!). 😉

With all that being said…


PS: The Pack isn’t looking too shabby so far this season either! 😉


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  1. Looks like you had a great time despite the heat. Isn’t it great how you and your new friends clicked after meeting on your vacations!! My BB team tries but no World Series playoffs & wins since 1987 & 1991.

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