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Happy Anniversary

Do any of you remember the Flinstones episode where Fred surprises Wilma with a serenade of “Happy Anniversary”? I’m not sure why but that particular episode has stayed with me through my entire life and I always get some cheerful glee when I send the YouTube video to Mom and Dad each year or leave them an obnoxious rendition over voicemail.

This year, however, Mom put it on my Facebook page instead – because we’re celebrating Anniversary #1!

I can’t tell you how good it is to have all the wedding stuff a long way away. But the memories pushed forth anew when I woke up the morning of our anniversary to a humbling reminder – cold breezes and gloomy rain! None of the past matters though because regardless of the good and the bad, the only truly important thing was marrying my best friend. It’s been a fast year and I can’t believe we’re officially out of newlywed status, but each day still feels like a wonderful one because I get to see Ben’s smiling face. I’m so lucky. ❤


I got a surprise text message from Mom saying she had finished her first attempt at wedding cake! Our wedding cake lady made a small anniversary cake for us that ended up being crushed beyond edibility (is that a word?) so we were contemplating just venturing out to a bakery to find something that would work. What a surprise to get a loving and made-from-scratch carrot cake in our wedding colors!!!


It was wonderfully tasty but I appreciated the love and thought that went into it even more.

On another high note… (and completely switching subjects because it’s my blog and I can)

0 and 2

Oh that never gets old. Not that this one really mattered but it felt good. Here’s to no more injuries and a spectacular season!

Finally, on Sunday we grabbed our early morning coffees and mini cowbells and went to cheer Alex in his 3rd full marathon. Mom and Dad always cheer him on from the start, Ben and I will position ourselves early on (mile 2 or 3) and report on the very early progress, and then we’ll caravan through the course running out to clank our bells, hand out Gu or Chomps as needed, and scream until we’re hoarse.

2015 FC 1

It was a cold start – not even 50 degrees – but it warmed up just enough to be really great temps for the runners!!

2015 FC 2They changed the course route this year and Alex said it was much harder – lots more hills!! The intent had been to move the runners off the concrete streets and provide more time on asphalt. As a result, many of Alex’s running buddies opted for the half marathon to avoid the nasty hills.

Alex started out really strong again but ended up with another hamstring cramp which plummeted his pace time from 3:30 to 3:50. He was a bit upset about that but a sub 4hr marathon is still so impressive to me (heck, an 8 hour marathon is impressive to me!!!).

2015 FC 3We managed to wind our way through the crowds and the many overly excited and enthusiastic dogs (why people, why?) that would jump all over us. My brand new jeans now have several nail holes in them… sigh But we found Alex and he raced over to give me a lovely, sweaty, smelly hug. lol

2015 FC 4I’m so glad we have THAT on camera! Ha Ha

2015 FC 5The Race Chasers officially weaved their way through another course providing encouragement and humorous heckling along the way. Marathon #3 is in the bag for Alex!


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  1. Happy anniversary! You can still call yourselves newlyweds as long as you want. My husband still calls me his bride after 19 years 😀

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