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This is a Joke, Right??

Happy September?

I woke up this morning when the alarm went off and turned over to stare out the window but I couldn’t see outside because it was too dark out. Is that right? Somehow it seems way too early. We still have months to go until the dark days of Winter (doesn’t that sound like a gripping novel title?). We’re also settling into another week of ridiculous temps. Yesterday was the “cool” day at 84 and the humidity made my sunglasses fog up the second I walked outside. I thought it was clever to take my lunch early and get in a short walk before it got too hot, so I left at 10am and only made it half-way before needing to stop and turn around. I didn’t want to look completely sweaty and withered for the afternoon at work. September feels like a cruel trick – getting dark but keeping the stifling hot temps of July.

One of my co-workers talked me into getting some pineapple blueberry tea from Teavana. Have any of you bought tea from them before? I’m weird about tea because most flavors I don’t like but this was really, really wonderful. It’s also probably the most expensive food item in my kitchen right now! It’s too pricey as an every day beverage but I love an ice cold cup here and there on these really hot days.


I bought a little tea brewer and can whip up a few cups in no time. I think I’ll always be a coffee girl but I know a lot of teas have great health properties (plus many are easier on your teeth enamel than coffee) so it would be nice to mix it up. Are any of you iced tea drinkers? Any brands/flavors you recommend?


We’re still hauling in the garden veggies. I need to figure out how to stagger my crops so everything doesn’t ripen at exactly the same time! We’re on the tail end of our green beans now…


My original plan was to blanche them and freeze for the Winter but… I ran out of time. Oops. We ended up giving a lot away to the family instead. But we’ve still been enjoying them for dinners and they are a welcome break from all the zucchini / yellow squash we are SWIMMING in.


Ben’s been having nagging back pain for several months now and we tried chiropractic, 5-day oral steroids, and on Friday went in for the steroid shot. Ben had an MRI that found a bulging disk that kept rubbing against his spine. The constant irritation wouldn’t allow the inflammation to come down enough to heal. While I don’t think he was thrilled with having a huge needle shoved so close to his spine, he was a calm and cool trooper through it all.

We had four different women come in while we were in our prep room and ask for Ben’s name and date of birth. I appreciate being thorough but talk about inefficient. They wheeled him out and into the surgery room and he was back 5 minutes later (and alive, ha). The whole process went really well – my only wish was that they had told us his back would be slathered in iodine so we could have either brought an old shirt or gotten a wet towel to wipe it off. Maybe they could cut that staff from 4 useless people to 3 and used the extra $$ for washcloths?

Ben’s recovery is doing really well. He had to keep the area cool (no hot showers for 2 days). The first night he didn’t sleep well and was in a bit of pain but the next day he was already feeling better – good enough for a short walk around the neighborhood!


The more we tell people about his shot the more we hear how common this is. It seems like everyone either has had shots or knows someone who has. They said this type of injury may need more than one shot, may need yearly maintenance shots indefinitely, or may never fully go away but we’re hoping that because he’s relatively young that if we can get it healed now he won’t be stuck battling this for the rest of his life.

Meanwhile I feel like someone ran over my leg with a car. I’m super sore and nothing is helping – I definitely have some tight muscles and maybe my hips are off. Goal #1 today: schedule appointment with my massage therapist for help!!

In fact, I’m going to do that right now. Might as well get Sept off to a good start!


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  1. I went to a Teavana store in Vegas – I think? They brew a cup for you in the store after you sniff a thousand containers. It was fun.

    Sorry about Ben’s back. I have 2 herniated disks. The first one was really bad and I have nerve damage from it. The other was not as bad. After the inflammation goes down, it will feel a lot better. Flare ups are a bitch, but if you are conscious with how you pick things up and move around in general, you will learn what to avoid and you can go long periods of time without issues.

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