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Lambeau Leaping

I’m not sure what it’s been about this Summer but every time we’ve had some fun event to go to, it’s been miserably hot and humid. I’m starting to wonder… If that translates into a Winter hovering in the 30s – then we’re OK though. 😉

One of the big fundraising events that started a few years ago for Special Olympics WI was rappelling  – off the sides of Miller Park and Lambeau Field. In 2013 Alex got the opportunity to rappel down as part of Team WI in partnership with his old employer, Festival Foods grocery store.


Fast-forward to this year and Alex was asked to form a rappelling team once more. This time he was able to get a team of four and went down as part of TeamAlex. 🙂

Alex rappelled down with his new boss – but I was most nervous about his other two team members going down right after…


Yup – that’s my brother Matt on the left and Ben on the right! If you had to ask me the two LEAST likely people to do something like this… Ben’s not afraid of heights but isn’t very adventurous. Matt, however, is afraid of heights (like his sister) and also is pretty fragile. He has several bulging discs and a host of medical issues stemming from chronic renal disease so he almost never has any energy and has to take things really, really carefully.

It was another hot and humid day and we spectators tried to stick out of the sun while we waited for the team to have their turn. They bring you inside and hook you up to all the equipment, give a short lesson, and then you get to do a practice run down a 15 foot ledge inside to get a feel for how the pulleys work. I was still a bit nervous that once they were in position way up on top that one (or both) of them might decide not to do it after all.


But they got off to a great start with lots and lots of cheering (I may have gone hoarse). Matt really got a good tempo going and was absolutely cruising down like a pro. Where did that come from!?

ll4As the people are rappelling down the announcer has a sheet about each person and gives the crowd little tidbits about the people: “what’s the craziest thing they’ve ever done before”, “what’s their last words before going over the edge”, etc… It’s fun and gives the audience a chance to connect with and cheer for each person. Ben’s last words: “its HOT up here”. Ha


Both guys made it down without an issue and my heart was bursting with pride. While I was really proud of Ben for doing something outside his norm, I really was proud of Matt. I know it wasn’t the easiest thing for him but he made it look easy. I was stunned.

Sweaty but victorious!!


Like a boss…

ll3It was blazingly hot so we actually brought along our camping mosquito tent to help provide a little bit of shade. Mom and Dad had two full coolers loaded with water, soda, and lemonade which were liberally consumed.

Here we are cooling down afterwards. Not a lot of shade at this point but it really helped earlier in the day.

ll2I get shaky just looking at high-up pictures so I am amazed by people who can scoot on down without an issue. I’d likely be the person all revved up and ready to rock until I got to the edge and had to sit back into nothing but air. No way, Jose! I still get a bit nervous before even a small roller coaster ride! No heights for this lady. 🙂

Way to go Ben and Matt!!


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