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Good-bye LA

It’s taking me a long time to get through all my LA recaps but they’ve really been the meat and potatoes of life around here lately. Plus, I don’t want to forget anything about our trip.

Our two full days there were super active and I racked up 16,000 and 21,000 steps. After all the excitement on Saturday, we were exhausted and completely crashed. Out hotel shuttle pick-up was scheduled for noon on Sunday which didn’t give us enough time to do anything in terms of sight-seeing. Instead, we scoped out the hotel outdoor pool and spent all morning relaxing by the water.


It was a really pretty pool area – with a sitting area filled with tropical looking plants. It felt like Mexico. 😉

140 139 142 145

We sat and sipped morning coffees and then Ben decided to go for a swim. They had music piped in all around the pool so I whipped open my tablet and caught up on some reading and Candy Crush while Ben floated.


It probably doesn’t sound all that fun but it was wonderfully relaxing! They had a large water dispenser filled with lemon slices and the music was tranquil. We had the whole pool area to ourselves and I was a happy camper!

143Plus I really really loved looking at all the plants. With the drought I wasn’t sure we’d see much in the way of green grass but we weren’t in neighborhoods enough to see the extent. Everything around the pool was vibrant and beautiful. I’d love to grow some of these pink vine flowers back home. If only the WI climate would allow it!


You would think the fun stopped once we got home – but there was a flurry of activity the week after everyone returned. Alex was interviewed LIVE on Good Morning Wisconsin:

(Matt, Dad, Mom and then Alex with the GMW crew!)

fraluz7Seriously, check out the size difference between Alex’s calves and the lady next to him who interviewed him. It’s kind of funny because you know Alex isn’t exactly chunky – but he’s got mega muscular calves!

But maybe the coolest thing was Alex’s “Welcome Home” party. Alex used to work next to a local ice cream parlor and knows the owner really well so they offered up their store as host for a welcome home bash. They also donated a portion of all sales that day to the Special Olympics!


My parents did a masterful job putting together a display table loaded with pictures, souvenirs, medals, and various fun facts about the Games.

fraluz5I didn’t realize just how popular Alex was until the store became PACKED with people funneling in and out trying to get pictures and autographs. Tons of people brought newspaper articles for Alex to sign.

fraluz3And ANOTHER TV station was on hand for more interviewing. Sheesh!

fraluz4But the cutest thing was when two little kids came in that had been following Alex and watching him on ESPN while he was at the games. They made him all kinds of cards as well as a huge banner.

fraluz6Aren’t they adorable? Alex let them try on his medals. How great is it to be a role model for a younger generation? What a sweet family too. We really have a great community here and Alex has a large fan base.

Back in real-time, today’s high is only 60 degrees! I’m not sure where this blast of coldness is coming from but it definitely is better for sleeping at night than the HUMID weather we’ve been having. It had finally cooled down from the 90s into the 70s but was sticky and nasty so we had to keep things closed up.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Happy Monday!


3 Responses

  1. What hotel did you stay at?
    I love LA! Went a few years ago and would love to go back and explore some more.

    • I wish we’d have more time to explore. We stayed at the Residence Inn LA Live. Outside of our $$ range had it not been for the SO discount but nice location for what we were doing.

  2. Nice looking hotel in LA. Was this your first trip to LA? It was great you & Ben could be there for Alex and the family for this exciting time.

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