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The Grammy Museum

Happy Monday!

I left off recapping our recent visit to LA the night Alex was awarded the bronze medal for the 10,000m race. That had been our only planned day for sight-seeing and after we left the Olympic village and got back to our hotel to shower and rest our weary feet – it was past dinner time.

Modern technology is really helpful in cases like this because a couple of quick Internet searches and we had a plan. We had wanted to see something interesting in LA but because of where we were located, everything was a long drive away. Luckily, we found the Grammy Museum just a few blocks away and because it was late in the day, we were able to snatch up discounted tickets!


It was pretty empty when we walked through, which was really nice. I’m not necessarily one to stop and read every single exhibit but I did find a few things that were interesting. Right up front you get to see the different versions of the Grammy awards…

049 051

How about the original lyric sheet to “This Land is Your Land”


But the “highlight” (ha ha) was the temporary exhibit called the Taylor Swift experience. I wouldn’t say either of us are fans but I do know a bunch of her songs because they are played all. the. time. on the radio here.

056Ben’s such a good sport, lol

Museums are a little boring for me but what I did find interesting was all the clothing worn by the artists. They had an exhibit of Michael Jackson with some of his trademark clothes and gloves, a big display of stage dresses worn by the Supremes, several outfits won at the 2015 Grammys, and several sections of Taylor Swift clothing…

057Up close, some of the material seemed really cheap and costume-y. It’s really strange how something that looked gorgeous on the red carpet looks like something you could find in a crumpled up corner of Goodwill. Another interesting thing: all the outfits of everyone are SO SMALL. Everyone is teeny-tiny and a lot shorter (except Taylor) then you probably think. It’s crazy. I guess that’s Hollywood for you??

We left the museum and wandered to a little café restaurant. We placed orders at the door, grabbed seats, and in short order got delicious sandwiches:

060 058 059

Despite all the crazy walking around LA that day, we weren’t really hungry so small sandwich plates were just what we needed! This was also the only meal we had in LA that was served relatively quickly (read: less than a 60 min wait).

Alex was scheduled to run the half marathon at Long Beach at 8am the following morning and with metro times, we knew we’d need to be up super early so we walked to a nearby grocery store and picked up a few quick breakfast items before heading back.

A pretty walk back to our hotel…

063 064

So I have two events left to recap and a zillion pictures so I’ll get those done early this week. It’s been such a whirlwind trying to get back into the usual swing since we’ve been home!


4 Responses

  1. Your hotel area looked very nice & interesting. Never been to LA, just San Diego. Can’t wait to hear/read about the rest of your trip for Special Olympics & Alex.

  2. The closest I have been to LA was Annaheim and we went to Disneyland 😀

    It’s funny, we were watching a show last week called “How It’s Made” and they showed how they make grammy awards!

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