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The Opening Ceremonies


It doesn’t get much better than the Special Olympics World Games being depicted on Google!

We’ve got a major case of Olympic Fever around here! The Special Olympics World Games kicked off in LA on Saturday night and it’s been non-stop calls, picture swapping, and story-telling ever since.

We went over to watch the Opening Ceremonies with friends on Saturday night and cross our fingers (and eyes) in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Alex. It’s HARD to find your athlete when the delegation is 400+ athletes strong! Way too many blond-haired guys in blue, lol.

The parade of athletes is always really, really long but it’s really interesting too. I’ll admit often times I don’t know certain places are countries and it’s fun to see the styles and cultures that present themselves on the red carpet. Check out these fun outfits:

19406248264_3ec5efd5bd_o 20021037662_961d42d473_o

Since the United States was hosting the Games, our athletes would walk out last. I later learned they were lined up outside for FOUR hours prior to walking in! What a long day for these troopers for their big moment.

We scanned and scanned and scanned the crowds until our eye balls were about to fall out and then…

Team USA

Where’s Waldo turned into Where’s Alex!

We listened to some of the opening speeches and every so often they would pan to the audience – where this one bubbly guy would jump up and fist pump the air…

and wouldn’t you know it


It took about one fist pump for Alex to encourage the guys by him to hop on up and cheer as well. We got to see them standing and cheering multiple times!

021Mom, Dad and Matt were all at the Opening Ceremonies where they said it was super hot and poorly run. Evidently these entire Games aren’t being run very well and it’s causing a lot of frustration for the families and fans.

We’ve been trying to catch up on all the news each day and I’ve been scrambling each night working late to get enough things done at work so we can fly out tomorrow as well. I’m a bit daunted by the hot, unrelenting sun they have there – but it CAN’T be much worse than this massive (almost 2 week) heat wave we’re under now. I don’t need 88 and humidity ever, ever again!!

I’ll have results for you on his 10,000m run tomorrow – his first chance for gold!


2 Responses

  1. Good Luck Alex! Hope you & the family have a good trip, too.

  2. I hope the heat wave breaks for you. It is terribly hot here as well. This yankee girl can’t handle it.

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