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Flight & Hotel Fiascos

Would you share a Diet Coke with me??


And spelled correctly too… #swoon

So I bet you’re all wondering WHAT I have been up to every waking moment this week. Let me tell you…

Games Countdown

It’s all been work and getting ready to cheer Alex on at the Special Olympics Summer World Games. Opening Ceremonies are next week already!

We’d initially planned to make a long vacation out of it – but the crazy hotel prices caused us to cut back and miss the opening ceremony and his divisioning events but be around for all three of his races.

Oh how things change.

Would you believe last weekend they updated all the events and we found out Alex competes in the 10,000K race the day after the opening ceremony (which we’d miss) and his other two events are back-to-back on Saturday – right after our flight was scheduled to leave. Seriously, not only horribly BAD timing for us but horrible for him too. Who wants to run a half marathon in the world games only to immediately hop into a car to drive across town and compete in a relay!? Terrible, terrible schedule.

So I’ve been scurrying around trying to deal with changing our flights and hotels. Not surprisingly, all the hotels in the area are booked unless you’re interested in one of those fancy rooms at $800+/night. Ouch. We had issues finding our reservation – both the Olympic Housing committee AND the hotel couldn’t find them, and then dealing with all the airline change fees, hotel change fees, etc, etc… I’ve been on the phone each night for multiple hours trying to sort everything out. We have flights but no hotel for our last night there. We’re on the waiting list for 11 hotels and I’m hoping something frees up. Meanwhile, my nerves are frayed and I’m maxed out on the stress meter.

We’re not exactly sure why it seems so disorganized this time around. When the family went to South Korea for the Winter games, it wasn’t this bad. We thought since these games were in the States it would be easier for us. Would you believe Mom and Dad STILL don’t have the flight information OR dates that Alex will be leaving for the Games? Hello people – we’re getting down to the wire here!

Our visit will be pretty short. We fly in on Thursday, have Friday to see the city, watch his back-to-back events on Saturday, and fly back on Sunday. It’ll be a jam-packed weekend!

Meanwhile we’ve been deep cleaning the house this week in preparation for our vacation buddies to arrive!


If you remember, we met these characters on our honeymoon and then vacationed with them again this past February. We were so excited when they announced they were coming to visit this weekend!! We’re going to take in a baseball game (our team is playing their team!) and hang out. It’ll be awesome. But that means I’ve become a maniac deep cleaning the house. This is the kind of cleaning you do when you’re suffering from insomnia or are getting ready to sell. We’re cleaning out the fridge, dishwasher, oven, scrubbing floors, dusting, vacuuming, etc, etc… A lot of work to get the casa sparkling!

So there you have it. The nightmare travel plans are almost complete. Hopefully a hotel will open up soon and if not, we’ll just pack a pop-up tent and sleep on the streets of LA. Just kidding (kind of)


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  1. Sorry to hear about the mess with airline tickets & booking motels. Yes, you would think in the States they would be better organized with the games. Hope everything works out for you. It sounds like you will have a great time with your friends this weekend, too.

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