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The Food of the Fourth

Happy Rainy Monday!

We made it through a H O T weekend and the heat wave continues! Last night (this morning?) the rains began and the tornado sirens went off just South of us – crazy for this area! Meanwhile the couple hours of storms provided some much needed water for the grass and trees. Our lawn is getting that mid-summer crispy brown look and I’ve been lugging tons of water to keep the plants and gardens growing.

Since I seem to be perpetually behind, I only just got around to downloading my fun pictures from the 4th of July. Hey, I’m only a week behind. 🙂

Our holiday was really nice and relaxing. We had planned to meet up with family late afternoon which gave me the morning to work on our food contributions as well as a quick drive around playing Ingress. We tackled some new areas and hard-to-reach game spots since we had a little more time to spare… like hiking up this hill by my parent’s house:

021 020

There’s nothing but a steep walking path up to the pavilion so we trudged up, marked the location in the game, caught our breath, and raced back down. Pretty views!!

We drove home and passed all the construction trucks parked along the highway – they were decked out in tiny American flags! Hard to see because I snapped the picture going 55 down the road but you can make out the little decorations. Isn’t that fun?


back home we had to pull together our holiday meal contribution. I had one pepper plant that started growing a substantial pepper despite being very, very small. I snapped the pepper off to allow the plant to put more effort into height and not pepper-growing and grabbed a handful of cilantro from the garden. We whipped up more fiesta rice for dinner.

beautiful peppers!


And a delicious side dish for the family!


I absolutely LOVE making food knowing that part of it came from the garden. 🙂

My dinner plate: organic “red white and blue” chicken bratwurst, potato salad, my fiesta rice, and wax beans:

022Ben and I had gone strawberry picking the day before and contributed berries for dessert. It was easy and quick picking. the weather was fantastic (not too sunny or warm) and one of my friends met us there so the three of us chatted while we picked and were done before we knew it!


Mom made strawberry pie two ways: one with the traditional Jell-O mix and the other using arrowroot as the thickener:



024It was quiet interesting how different the two pies were. The Jell-O was really sweet, as you’d expect, but the arrowroot pie had a beautiful, berry-red color.

Uh-oh, the rain is getting stronger so I should probably head out now and get the garbage cans out to the side of the road. 🙂 Have a great day!!


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  1. Those pies look yummy! I buy so many berries thinking I will make things and I end up just eating them all because I love them so much LOL

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