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Blooms in the Garden

One of the things that makes me the most happy about Summer is the abundance of bright, beautiful flowers. Our walk-way leading up to our front door has some interesting landscaping. When we purchased the house 2 years ago, everything seemed to be in good shape but now I’m seeing huge sections of shrubs that have died off and an abundance of growth and weeds. Plenty of work to be done!

But what’s so wonderful right now is being able to open the front door and walk out to an array of pink blossoms. The air smells fresh and my tiny pink tea roses are thriving once more.

017We have only one flower bed on the property and it’s so cramped with flowers that I’ve been doubting everything even pops up. We’ve been here 3 Springs and only this year did I see the start of a daffodil and crocus! I’m more then daunted to be digging up a bunch of bulbs but I’m not sure what else to do at this point.

But here’s the really fun thing. Each Spring the rabbits maul my lilies. Our first Spring I didn’t see ANY lilies bloom in the front bed and last year I saw just two:


(Last year’s bed had minimal lilies, two large clumps of purple flowers, and two very large bleeding hearts)

Things have changed…


The purple flowers are almost non-existent and instead I have a bumper crop of beautiful lilies! (and weeds too)

093 092 018

They’ve become my new obsession. I love how they start out with super vibrant pink tips which then fade as the flower begins to die. They are blooming on a sharp angle because the massive bleeding hearts are taking up so much room. They need to be moved elsewhere.

Lori, please come and fix my landscaping for me. 🙂

My pink rose bushes are doing really well too. We’ve been working a bit on pruning them each spring and they bloom for weeks!


However, some things just didn’t do well. Remember my super fragrant yellow rose?


He’s looking like this:


Sigh.. he’s dead. There’s mountains of ant hills all around the plant and I wonder if that had anything to do with it? I don’t know but I’m pretty sad. I also have two mangy-looking rose bushes in the back of the house that are looking scraggly and probably need to be pulled as well.

Last year was the first and only year I had this beautiful bundle of lilies in the backyard…


This year they were devoured by the rabbits. Again. I had three blooms total. Oh well.

I’m still trying to find a decent landscaping company to come and remove some of the old shrubs. My hope is once that’s done I’ll be in better shape to thin out the bed and give my flowers a bit more room to grow. So many projects. So little time. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Those lilies are gorgeous! I don’t have any in my new garden beds and I need to remedy that 😀

  2. Good luck finding a decent landscaping company. Lovely lilies!

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