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Late Celebrations

Hey there folks! How were your 4th of July festivities? Would you believe my office didn’t give us Friday off? Ben was off though so I cashed in vacation time so we could officially begin our long weekend Thursday night.

The first order of business was LONG overdue. Would you believe Ben celebrated his birthday on June 22 and we just now got around to doing the proper celebrating? Ridiculous! That shows you just how wonked the past couple of months have been around here. Super busy. I’m not neglecting just you guys.

Thursday night I got home and we both mentally unwound from the long week and then hopped into the car for some delicious dinner. Ben was so excited to finally get his birthday meal.


The best (worst?) thing about this restaurant is that they give you a large basket filled with baked bread. They gave us a plate of crudité and crispy bread rounds for the cheese and pate spreads but I dug right for the soft and doughy butter horns. Gimme Gimme!!


This restaurant is in an old historic building that used to be a hotel. There’s really interesting history behind the building and they have really old décor to match the times.

union hotel

The rooms smell really old (ha ha) but there is a really fun sense of old style charm as well that I really love. They have multiple dining rooms in various sizes all decorated a bit differently.

Although I wouldn’t mind if they changed the wallpaper in some of the rooms…

033Not a rabbit fan, lol

We ordered steaks with side salads. They were delicious

032 034 035 030But the highlight of the day was coming home and feasting on my masterpiece.

The cooking began on Wednesday night to prepare for the birthday celebration:

017 018 020 022 037Ben’s favorite cake is my homemade carrot cake. I was in a hurry and chopped the pineapple a bit larger than usual (not a big deal) but other than that it was wonderfully moist, flavorful, and absolutely delicious. We top it with a whipped cream cheese frosting that’s not overly sweet and paired it with some frozen custard.

It’s one of those cakes that is worth the extra time and Ben is so worth it too. ❤ I’m still just a wee bit embarrassed that we had to wait so long to celebrate. Sorry hun!!

Well it’s time to get to work so I’ll wrap this up. I hope your weekend was equally sweet. 😉


2 Responses

  1. That whole birthday meal looked so…… good. I would say it was worth waiting for. Yummy carrot cake. Ben & Ali are a lucky couple!

  2. What a great looking cake! Worth waiting for 😀

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