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The First Pitch


Well we had a thrilling opportunity this past week. As most of you know, my youngest brother Alex is a Special Olympics athlete and represented the USA in the 2013 World Games in South Korea. He’s also made the Summer Olympics World Team and will be in Los Angeles for the 2015 World Games next month.

As the event gets closer, there have been more and more events and publicity. Toyota is a sponsor of Special Olympics and also of the Milwaukee Brewers and they invited the three Wisconsin athletes that will be competing at The Games to come to Miller Park… and one of them would be able to throw out the first pitch.

They generously supplied us with 6 tickets so we all could go and cheer Alex on. Ben and I went into work early so we could leave and hit Milwaukee traffic right at rush hour. Oops. Luckily the family got there early so they could grab our tickets and get Alex and Matt out onto the field.

SO Brewers4

Despite getting tickets, Alex also got to pick one person to be on the field sidelines with him. He chose Matt and what a thrilling experience for them both!

Knowing the family had safely secured our tickets, Ben and I sauntered towards the stadium and stopped to get photos with the sausage mascots. I mean, why not right?


And yes, I ended up borrowing a co-worker’s jersey so I could support the home team during the event. I didn’t think it would be appropriate to be outfitted in my Cardinals red during a sponsored event!

Ben, a big Brewers fan, was very happy to be back at the park.


We had thought we were going to be in the Toyota Territory section of the park, which is quite a distance off in right field and were THRILLED when we got loge infield seats between home and 3rd base. Score!

Alex was announced and he waved to the crowd before winding up for his pitch. He made it to the pitcher too!

SO Brewers2

He got a handshake and a signed baseball. He was beaming. It was a really great effort. I was actually surprised he threw it that well. Had it been me I doubt I would have made it reach the pitcher. 🙂

SO Brewers1

After the excitement we settled in to watch the Crew take an early lead. I’ll admit I think Ben was the only one really watching the game. We were too busy snapping pictures, watching the video we had taken, and giggling about the event.

I think we took a zillion photos – and these were just on MY phone!

083 058 068 061 049

I’m not disloyal, I kept tabs on the Cardinal game while we were there. 🙂


Since we all had to work the next day and it was a 2+ hour drive home, we ended up leaving after the 5th inning. It was the perfect time to go too because there was no mass crush of people clambering to leave the stadium all at the same time. We sailed right out of the ball park and even got some good pictures as the sun was setting.

SO Brewers3 086

As we were walking away, we saw them launch a bunch of fireworks for a home run. It was perfect timing to see them just as we were leaving.


A great adventure and a fun evening. We were beyond tired when we got home but it was definitely worth the trip! Meanwhile the excitement is brewing before we all head to LA to cheer Alex on at the games. He’s competing in the 4×400 relay, the 5k, and the half marathon events. It’ll be quite the week of events for him and hopefully some Summer medals to go with his Silver and Bronze from S. Korea.


Let the countdown begin…


2 Responses

  1. Exciting times for your family. When are the World Games in LA? A lot of fun times to look forward to this summer. Congratulations to Alex for all his hard work!

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