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Supper Clubbing

Well, we survived the rains and winds of yesterday. The weather men had hyped a HUGE storm for the past couple of days but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. There was a deluge around 11am that lasted about 10 minutes sandwiched between maybe an hour of mild rain. Then it cleared right up and we were left with 80 degrees and humidity.

The A/C is officially cranked, folks. This girl can’t sleep in sweaty sheets. Eww

Since the weather last night was fairly decent, we ventured out with friends for some supper club dining. Wisconsin supper clubs are some of Ben and my favorite things. While I could be wrong, it doesn’t seem like the true supper club phenomenon is as alive and well elsewhere in the US. But if you want to be a “true” Ali-qualified SC, then you have to have the following:

  •  a dark building with décor dating back to the 70s
  • waitstaff in the 60s
  • a large bar where you congregate and chat amongst diners before being shown to your table
  • oddly placed self-serve appetizer stations filled with crackers, cheese spread, and celery
  • large plates of food at very reasonable prices
  • 95%+ of the clientele is over the age of 65

Last night it was a return visit to a supper club in Appleton. We got seated in a different section of the restaurant than I’ve been in before and I really liked it. We were at the end of the room and it was nice and quiet.


I tend to always order a tenderloin at supper clubs (probably because I like to compare them from place to place) and this was no exception. My meal started out with a salad:

030Sprouts? Mushrooms? Some non-iceberg lettuce mixed in? A+ for salad effort!

I’m pretty particular about how I like my meat cooked and this was about 2 levels too under-cooked. Eeek! I had to send it back to be cooked a bit more, but when it was finally cooked right, it was delicious. Umm Mmm

031I packed up some of my meat for lunch leftovers and then we decided to get some dessert!

Our friends each devoured delicious looking Crème Brule:


While Ben and I decided to just split one dessert. We chose the strawberry rhubarb bread pudding. Amazing!

033As delicious as it was I think splitting was the right choice. I left very, very full. On our way back we made a quick stop for some wine tasting and picked up (ironically) a bottle of rhubarb wine. During our sampling a bachelorette party walked in to do wine tasting and take a painting class. Let me tell you, these girls were DRESSED! Call me overly cautious, but I wouldn’t have chosen a white dress for a painting party… especially where alcohol was concerned…022But hey, to each her (or her) own!

I’m scooting off to work. Looks like a much less humid day in store. Hopefully my day won’t be too hectic and I can get in a quick walk after work.


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