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Loving the Lilacs

I’m just a little bit crazy… crazy about flowers that is!


It’s great timing that the lilacs are in bloom because I was feeling blue with no more crab apple blossoms. It’s funny how you can live in the same house for years and still not really get to witness the full value of everything that has been planted. For example, I think my main flower garden is so congested (and the bleeding hearts have taken over everything) that a lot of what was planted never grew (or bloomed). Of course, some of that is due to the rabbits.

They gnawed down my pretty pink lilies so I am hoping my bit of chicken wire will protect the innermost blooms. Fingers crossed at least one will flower this year!


But back to the lilacs. We have two plants that line the side of our deck and for whatever reason this year they finally, really began to bloom. The absolute BEST thing in the world (chocolate aside) is leaving the patio door open and letting the strong, floral smell seep into the kitchen and family room. It smells like springtime Heaven. I also love snipping a few stems to keep on the kitchen table. The smell is out of this world.


I’m not sure what variety this is but I think I also want to purchase some of the dark purple lilacs. My parents have some of those in their yard and that’s the variety I remember most from our house growing up. (here’s a look at Mom’s)


What is that hiding behind my beautiful shrubbery!?


Ha ha – I love it.

The lilacs have really grown since last year and part of that may be because we wrapped them over the winter to protect them from the rabbits. As a result, they are super tall and also partially covering the walkway. Ben wants to cut them back but I’m waiting until after they are finished blooming. No way am I getting rid of these mid-bloom!!!

035I’ve now also decided my next job should be as a florist… or seasonal help in a greenhouse. Can you think of anything better? If I could find a job that paid enough, I’d be there tomorrow. 🙂 I’m just a wee bit obsessed. If Ben would let me AND I could install a rabbit-preventing electric fence, I would plant our entire front and back yard with flowers. It would be a big, colorful MESS of awesomeness.

Ok… and now back to your regularly scheduled blogging. </flowerobsession>


One Response

  1. Those lilacs are gorgeous! I would work in a greenhouse if it paid more! I can’t justify taking a 50% paycut to work there LOL. Seasonally, no less.

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