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I’m steeling myself against the start of some much warmer weather. We had our first taste yesterday. It had been absolutely amazing weather Friday and Saturday but then rained Sunday morning. The temps took a big hike in the afternoon (80!) and the combo of warm weather and early rain made for some humid and sticky conditions.

What a great weekend. I love it when Monday rolls around and I feel like I had an “adequate” weekend – meaning the time didn’t just fly by and felt like a true rest.

I went for a long walk Saturday morning. The weather looked good and a bit overcast (maybe even a little cool) so I held off starting until 10am. Why I was intimidated about temps in the 50s I don’t know. Wimp! Lesson learned though because about 20 minutes into my walk the sun was out full and heavy and I was melting into a puddle along the side of the road. Luckily for me, my wonderful man dropped in a couple times to check on me and bring me water!

Who is that little spec on the road?


It’s me!!! Trekking along on the final stretch for the day… Hot and tired!


I made a tactical error by wearing a tank top and slathering my face in sunscreen but FORGETTING my arms. One side of my body was facing the sun the entire time and I now have a crispy shoulder and arm. Ouch! I *know* better. I just can’t figure out what was going through my mind. It’s still sore two days later but I’m not having to apply the aloe and burn spray, so I’m hanging in there.

So I have a funny(?) story. Although most of my career has been in Information Technology, I’m not much for needing to have the latest and greatest technology. Ben likes the fancy stuff but I am content to use something until it withers and dies. Enter, my beautiful phone circa 2009:


I never needed data (data? on a phone? I have a computer for that!!) and had the basic, basic plan with just 300min a month and 200 text messages. Oh, and I loved, loved, loved the actual keyboard for texting. After Ben and I got married we started looking into combining various things – like phone plans – but since Ben had the “everything, everything” mega plan and I had no data, they couldn’t be combined. Enter Black Friday where Ben convinced me to pick up an iPhone6 (I think Ben just wanted a new phone too!). We snagged them for $75 each, which I guess is a great deal for a phone that you own outright and aren’t paying off for 2 years.

So now I have data but miss my flip out keypad. I also didn’t really understand how the phone auto-corrects certain works. For example, I sent a friend “en route” when I was leaving to come to her house, but she received “entourage”. So now it’s a running joke and we always text entourage before we arrive. I think my favorite thing about my phone is the ability to ask it for the score of the Cardinals game without having to get up off the couch. lol

About a month ago some of our friends were talking about a GPS game that they were all playing together called Ingress. It’s an app for your phone and you go to various locations worldwide and attempt to take certain “portals” for your team. In short – it’s a worldwide version of capture the flag.


We are the green team (because green is awesome) and decided to join and play with our friends. That means that over the past month we’ve spent random times dashing across town trying to take over locations and block people from taking ours. I’ve determined it’s a fun time waster but would be really good for someone new to a city because it gets you out exploring and learning where things are. We’ve been EVERYWHERE.

All of these locations are “portals” that we have to drive to in order to capture the location:

020 017 018 016

What is that! (That’s what happens when Ben drives and I’m operating two phones at once, lol)
015 014 013 021

I really, REALLY miss those crab apple trees!!

So, I’d love to know, do any of you play Ingress? Has anyone even heard of it? I never had but now I’m discovering way more people play than I had thought. We’re really having fun with it.

My crispy arm is yelling at me, so maybe I should slather some more cream on before I head to work. TTYL folks!


3 Responses

  1. No, I haven’t heard of Ingress – I must live in the dark ages. How long were you walking when you burned your one side? I have psoriasis on my hands & elbows (back, too) so the sun is good for those parts of my body. 90 is forecasted here tomorrow. Not a fan of hot and humid weather, but it is better than our winter weather.

    • Hey – I just learned about it so if you are in the dark ages, I’m right there with you!! I was out walking for an hour and 20 minutes. WAY too long for this fair-skinned gal!

  2. I have never heard about that game. I finally went to a smart phone and I enjoy it, although I still miss my phone keyboard…

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