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It’s JUNE!

Happy June!!!

Did you hear that noise? It’s the sound of Spring whizzing out the door.

We had a chilly weekend here in Green Bay. It was cold and drizzly on Saturday morning but Alex had signed up for a 5K and so we were huddled in the car snapping pictures from the windows. I probably wouldn’t have normally went but this event was called “Chocolate Fest” and I was lured by the hopes of spectator goodies…

Alex with some of his friends after the race:

chocolate run

There were definitely an abundance of old shoes worn for the race. Probably good it was only a 5K. Alex did really, really well and was only 11 seconds off his PR time. Who knows, maybe the cold and rain helped?

I went through a complete upheaval this past week at work. You won’t believe this, but over the past 6 weeks I’ve had almost no work to do. None. Zilch. My days felt so long and tiring because I was sitting in front of my computer with no meetings, no work, and nothing to accomplish. Being swamped definitely stinks but being bored out of your mind is equally horrible. I’d get home from work feeling like it had been 3 days instead of 1 and felt exhausted.

Anyway, my boss finally took my pleas to heart and found me a couple tiny things to work on. Turns out, they aren’t really tiny and now I’m going from zero to 120% trying to get caught up. Where’s the sweet middle ground?? I ended up working LATE on Friday just trying to catch up – and that never happens.

Our Friday night we went out to Olive Garden for dinner. Neither of us felt like cooking. They have a couple two dish combos going on right now. I like a bit of variety!


And of course we spent time being cute and silly…


Last night was (supposedly) the last really cold night so I’m hoping that I can finally, finally, finally get the green light to plant the garden. I planted a few peppers and a cherry tomato… and was out 4 times putting tarps and bed sheets over the plants to protect them. Sadly, my plants don’t look so good despite the extra work and effort.

002 001

And whoa baby, how did I get 500 zillion raspberry bushes??!! I’ve been putting off thinning them out but I really need to get in there and start yanking away or it will be way too thick for any kind of picking. If this is what’s going to happen every year, I might need to re-think the raspberries a little bit… All this from 10 small plants!

So lots to do around the yard. The rabbits are back in full force and haven’t been jumping into our cages. Grrr. We haven’t caught a single one! They must be getting smarter… or just really enjoying nibbling on the fresh flowers in my front yard rather than the mountain of apples we’re laying in the traps.

Warmer weather on the way too, so hopefully some good afternoons for lounging out and working on a tan. We’ve got lilac trees just on the verge of blooming and since my tulips and crab apples are long gone, I am excited for more color and pretty floral smell in the air.

Here’s hoping this June is amazing!!!


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  1. That is a lot of raspberries! I think I might have some growing in the back garden bed. I am letting them come up and see if that is what they are. Ahh the surprises of a new garden 😀

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