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Celebrating in the Rain

You know what the best thing is about getting into the office on a Monday morning?

When that Monday is really a Tuesday. But you still need coffee!!


What a fabulous long weekend. Aren’t Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends just fantastic? I never take a Monday off unless it’s a holiday… but now I’m re-thinking that because no work on Monday is plain awesomeness!

Our fun weekend shenanigans began on Thursday though with a dinner out with my family. We checked out a restaurant my brothers had never been to and got there early enough to snag a great table by the window (too sunny for pictures but great for viewing). I was dying for broasted chicken which came with a delicious salad. nom nom

009 010On the way home it began to rain. This is quite common around Memorial Day weekend. One of the suburbs of Green Bay has all kinds of concerts and festivities throughout the weekend and the joke is that it always rains and turns the festival grounds into a muddy pit.

014 015Saturday morning I got going fairly early because I wanted to get in a 4mile walk before it got too hot out. Last week I walked 3 miles and thought I was going to fall over, so I got up earlier and it worked out pretty well. I’m breaking in my new shoes but I’m still battling really wet feet. I usually put baby powder in my socks before a long walk, which helps, but doesn’t completely solve the issue with hot points on the balls of my feet, so still working on that issue. There was more rain Saturday evening so we stuck inside.

On Sunday our day was jam-packed. We were celebrating my dad’s birthday and I volunteered to tackle the cake baking. A couple years ago Dad requested a lemon cake – which turned into a dismal failure – so I decided to try making one myself. I ended up combining two different recipes to make a lemon cake with raspberry filling topped with a lemon meringue frosting.

025 026 027 029 036

I’ve always loved how silly my family is. ❤ Here’s dad – ice cream scoop in one had and cake cutter in the other!


The cake turned out really, really well. I’m not sure I personally am a big meringue frosting fan (plus, it was a pain to cook) but Ben really loved it because it wasn’t as sweet as other frostings. The raspberry definitely made the cake! Delicious and bursting with intense lemon flavor. Mmm-mmm

We had a delicious dinner of Texas taco bake and followed it up with Cranium. I also inhaled mom’s flowers – lilacs and lily of the valley are soooo beautiful and smell insane. I want both at our house!

032 033 031 030It rained most of Sunday so we skipped the evening fireworks. Monday morning we went down in the drizzle to watch the parade. Alex just put in his notice and is starting a new job soon, so this was his last parade. Too bad because it’s nice having someone on the inside to chuck the good candy towards me. 🙂

038 039Happy Memorial Day!


And what parade would be complete without a random photo of the ground… and my foot?
042It drizzled through most of the parade but there was never enough rain that it was worrisome. We left the parade to tackle some Memorial Day sales at the furniture store. It’s time we removed Ben’s falling apart furniture from the basement!

It felt like we were constantly on the move all weekend and yet there’s a pile of dirty clothes begging to be washed and a very dirty kitchen that still needs cleaning. I guess that’s my job for tonight!


2 Responses

  1. Sunday was our rainy day, too. All day in fact. You had a very busy but nice weekend. Your dad’s birthday cake looked very good! Broasted chicken – yum. Overcast day today and warmer days start tomorrow.

  2. Let me know if you want some bareroot lily of the valleys this fall. I have platoons and would be happy to send you some 😀

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