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A Quick Skip to Milwaukee

Happy Friday!

I’m not sure exactly where this week went but I’ve done a poor job of blogging, that’s for sure! I definitely wanted to give you a recap of our Milwaukee adventures because it was a great trip.

Usually around April/May of each year Ben and I take a day off of work and go to Madison to putz around. We get a fun hotel room somewhere, do some light shopping, and enjoy the Spring bustle of activity. This year I found a Living Social deal (like a Groupon) for a fancy room near Milwaukee. It was a great deal for a room that had all kinds of crazy things: big hot tub, steam room, massage chair. It actually sounded pretty perfect. Ben’s back hasn’t been good and I thought the massage chair and hot tub jets might be good for him. Meanwhile my skin is terribly dry and I was excited to try the steam room!

Our coupon was good for a Sun-Thurs night stay so we pre-packed the night before and dashed off as soon as we got home from work on Thursday. After an overcast but uneventful drive, we arrived. Check out this room:

009 012 010

Mirrors everywhere and yes, that is some sort of mirror thing above the bed. Okay, a little weird. lol Actually a lot weird. The whole mirror above the bed thing isn’t exactly how I want to sleep but you could flip a light and the mirror had all these stars light up on it, so it actually looked like you were outside, which ended up being kind of cool.

But, honestly I was most excited about this:


14 beautifully delectable chocolate-covered strawberries. Gimme, Gimme!


I’m all about the chocolate, baby!

We dropped our bags off in the room and then drove around in search of dinner. I did a quick GPS search and found a restaurant with plenty of menu options that would appeal to both me and Ben.


As I expected, Ben was all over their chicken mac & cheese. He’s the only adult I know who will eat macaroni and cheese when fine dining. 🙂


With the reminder of my choco-berries waiting for my return, I chose a low carb option and went with their chicken fajitas and skipped the rice, beans, and tortillas.

006 007

It was delicious and there was a TON of food so I ended up not wasting all the tortillas by making Ben a fajita too. It started down pouring just as we were leaving the restaurant so we dashed back into the car and drove back to the room. Ironically my best bud called and we sat and talked for almost two hours! I was pretty tired but it was great to catch up.

A couple funny stories:

– I decided to try the steam room and went to turn on the steam… which ended up being actual water faucets. I was immediately drenched (and fully dressed). Whoops

– At 2am we heard a car alarm go off. The parking lots are sectioned off so the car could only have been ours or the neighbor next door. With a 50/50 chance it was ours, I hastily dressed and dashed out in the pouring rain. Wasn’t our car. Try getting back to sleep after an adrenaline rush like that and my now-creepy starry mirror sky overhead. Then I began hearing a tap-tap-tap noise… over and over and OVER. So I peeked out of the room again, called out a timid “hello” and the girl in the room next door appeared. Keep in mind that these room suites have them own outside door access so this wasn’t an inside hallway. Evidently she locked herself out of her room and her mother wasn’t answering the door. Mother? In one of these suite rooms? Okay. I let her use my phone.

So the quality of overnight sleep that night wasn’t great. Plus every time our dear neighbor and her “mother” were smoking, we could smell it in our room. I was tired the next morning and we got off to a late start.

After all the interruptions from our annoying neighbors, I noticed something that would have remedied ALL of that hour+ of door banging. So we decided to use it and then jump in the car and dash off.


Yes, that is a doorbell. Yes, Mom and daughter pre-printed a do-not-disturb sign on their door. Yes, we are rebels and rang their bell at 9:15am.

Leaving all that behind, we ventured in search of an epic breakfast. I directed Ben to a cute little breakfast nook with a gigantic menu of every breakfast combination imaginable.

019 020

I thought the ceiling here was so much fun!

We gave thumbs up on the coffee, which has the power to make or break a breakfast experience and put in our orders. Ben got a banana pecan waffle with two scrambled eggs. I have been trying to watch carbs overall, with only a certain number for breakfast and then less for lunch and dinner. So I was excited about a single slice of French toast with eggs and enough meat to split with Ben. I left happily stuffed!

022 021

We had two stops planned for the day. I went to a local running store to get a new pair of running shoes. I love it when the owner who fits you is a runner because I feel like they know more about fit and support. This guy has been running for more than 30 years and actually qualified for the Olympic trials back in the 80s! He’s done full marathons in under 2:10. It was amazing talking to him. His walls on his store have ledges that were piled full of trophies, plaques, and medals. Amazing!

I wanted to go to a shoe store in Milwaukee because I have both large and wide feet and it’s hard to find much of a selection locally. Unfortunately, there was NO selection there (boo!!!) and he ended up fitting me in a very comfortable and VERY manly-looking pair of blue and silver Saucony shoes.

347206_366_45Double-boo. I was hoping for something to replace my old Asics that I could buy several more pairs of online… Oh well.
(Ben says I need to suck it up and get over wearing the guy shoes.)

After the shoe purchase, we dropped more $$$ at Trader Joe’s. I had printed out the list of “Most Popular Items at Trader Joes” so we could see if there was anything fun we wanted to try. Our cart was loaded with organic canned beans (pinto, black, kidney, etc…), frozen mac & cheese for Ben, triple ginger cookies, liquid stevia (so cheap here!!), more beer for Ben, almond butter, coconut oil spray, pasta sauce, a couple funky marinades… I must be forgetting a bunch of stuff because our cart was overflowing and my wallet was a LOT lighter when we left, but it was so much fun. I really wish we had a place like this closer!

We popped the cold stuff into the cooler and then started the drive back home. It’s funny how just one day feels so good. It’s a nice break from the norm but you still get home with plenty of time for all the usual to-dos. It was just the thing we needed. Now we have a pantry bursting with interesting new things and I need to do some organizing bigtime!

We’re definitely looking forward to the long holiday weekend. It’s shaping up to be decent weather so I’m going to make the most of it!

Have a FABULOUS weekend!!


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  1. I’m not above eating Mac & Cheese when fine dining, either! 😉

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