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Races, Flowers, and a lotta Ice!

Whoa, what a weekend! We jam-packed a bunch of stuff into a fun-filled long weekend. It was one of those weekends where we struck a perfect chord with R&R, exercise, and work. When it’s going so well, it makes a Monday back at work that much harder!

Ben got home a little early Thursday night and we ventured out for a one-night vacation. I’ll give you a subtle hint as to the city:


This will probably need it’s own blog post, so I’ll skip past Thurs/Friday and get to Saturday.

It’s Spring and the weather is nice so I’m back trying out the run/walk thing once more. I’ve noticed my shin splints are crazy/awful and I just am not able to get in any kind of jogging (even 30 seconds) without a lot of pain. I’ve been hobbling around the neighborhood hoping a little time will help and then I purchased some compression sleeves to see how that would feel.


I’ve read a lot of good things about compression sleeves. I’ve now worn then immediately after a walk and during a walk. That makes me a pro and able to share my expert knowledge with you (ha!).

Fit is crucial. I have very, very wide calves which means I’m in Men’s sizes… however men are generally taller than women so the length of the sleeve is a bit long on me. While this is fine when I’m tottering around the house, it rubs up in the back of my knee when I walk. Plus, it’s pretty warm wearing it under pants. I think it’s too early to know if it’s making much of a difference but it can’t hurt so I’ll keep using them.

What I decided to do was ditch the running altogether and just work on walking. When I run/walk, I burn out quickly and my walks are short (20-30min), so I’d like to focus more on a decent walking pace and slowly increase duration each week. Saturday I was scheduled for a 3 mile walk and after a quick look outside (looked overcast and a perfect 56 degrees), I took off! About 10 minutes in I was in full sunshine and realized it was really humid out. I was dying, lol.

Still, I finished the 3 miles in impressively slow time (49min) and proceeded to drink half my weight in water. Mission accomplished. 🙂

I spent Saturday afternoon enjoying the sunshine, reading books on the front porch, and breathing as deeply as I could all the fragrant scents from my trees.

029 055 030 034 031 041 048 037 053

We’ve established I’m seriously crazy about crab apples, right?

That night we were invited over to an arcade party with a bunch of friends. It was a smorgasbord of food and I ate way, way too much. It was so good!


We didn’t stay too late though because we needed to be up early to cheer Alex in the Green Bay Half marathon. Alarms went off at 6:30am and we raced to be on the road by 6:45. After hectic map research and careful navigation around the blocked-off roads, we were situated and ready to cheer at 7:02. It was a little windy and still felt a bit humid but there was a nice stretch winding through older neighborhoods with plenty of tree cover.

061And then they would turn by us into a little more sun…

060We were waiting a little past mile 2 and I was expecting the elite runners around 7:12 and Alex around 7:16. At 7:20 we called my Dad because we hadn’t seen ANYONE.

Hello runners, where are you?

Turns out the FULL marathon started at 7 and the Half started at 8am (queue the face smack). D’oh! First year they had them separated. That meant time to go fill up on gasoline and get some coffees.

an hour later, right on track


I didn’t get any pictures of Alex. This time I just focused on finding him, getting high-5’s, and cheering loudly. My camera phone doesn’t do well with action shots. We found some great places for cheering and weaved in and out to hit him in as many spots as we could.

We do not obey signs :p

064Alex did great, as usual, and was only a bit off his PR. He’s beginning to realize the more races under his belt the harder it’s going to be to PR each time!! But he finished with a 7:23 pace time (compare that to my 16:30 pace during my 3 mile walk – oh boy). #rockstar

We left the race and went to get some breakfast and plan our grocery list. I went with a veggie omelet and whole wheat toast:


After we got home I began having a lot of knee pain, which is unusual for me. That meant elevation and an ice pack!

057Ben was sweet enough to sit with me and keep me company.

071My knee is feeling good today, so hopefully it was a fluke.

I had planned to work on the garden, but it looked ominous so I kept putting it off… finally, when we decided it wasn’t going to rain after all, we began grilling outside (and of course, the rain started). I grabbed my flip flops and Ben and I hauled the hot grill around the house and in front of the garage. Crisis averted! Rain time grill’in and more wet tree pics.

067 068 066

A delicious dinner of bratwurst and grilled veggies:


It was a great weekend. I definitely owe you an update on our mini trip though. Lots of good stories to share! Hope you had an equally amazing weekend!!


2 Responses

  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Those trees are gorgeous.

  2. Another busy weekend for you and Ben. The crab trees look beautiful – wish they stayed blooming longer. Nice long weekend coming up. Hope the weather is nice.

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