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My Thirst for Crab Apple Trees

minion thursday …and Fridays are the best day of the week! 🙂

It’s been B.A.U. around here but that’s fine with me. After last week’s amazing weather, this week has been much colder with frost each of the last two nights! Yesterday I was out walking and when I left the house it felt pretty good outside but by the short time later when I got home, it felt freezing. Brrr

We’re in the middle of my favorite week of the entire year. The crab apple trees are so lovely, fragrant, and glorious. If only (ONLY) we could get the blooms to last longer!!! It’s such a fleeting treat and with these colder/windy/dreary days, I’m not maximizing my “sit outside and sniff” time. So, I’m just grabbing pictures every where I go.

040 039 032 022 027

Plus plenty of ominous looking weather and gorgeous sunsets…

030 034

This weekend and beyond looks to be “safe” for frost, so I’m going to weed the rest of the garden and then get planting my zucchini and yellow squash. I still haven’t decided if I want to try green beans again but we have one 4×4′ plot that will get something fun planted in it. I just need to decide what.

I’ve mentioned one of our projects this year was to replace the faded shutters on the front of the house. Ben successfully switched two on the first level but we’re a bit puzzled about how to remove the ones on the second floor… Luckily the heavy winds helped us out:

002Ironic? Kind of scary too. Those shutters have been on there (sturdily) for 20 years! I was sitting in front of the computer and heard a repeated clanking but didn’t think too much about it until I pulled out of the driveway the following morning. Well, I guess that’s one we don’t have to remove on our own!

We have a jam-packed weekend planned. We’re heading to Milwaukee for a day trip tomorrow and will be home in time for our standing Friday get-together with friends. Sat night we’ll be at another friend’s house, and Sunday morning we’re cheering Alex on in the Green Bay Half Marathon! Should be a lot of fun things and good memories.

Hoping your weekend cruises to a lovely conclusion…


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