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The First Blooms

Here we are, garden pictures at long last!

This is the first year where I have not clipped garlic steaks to my flowers, or sprinkled blood meal, or sprayed nasty-smelling urine mist all over my flowers… and so far, they’ve remained un-chewed. There are definitely two rabbits prancing around the yard but so far (knock on wood) they stay away from my flowers!!


These rabbits aren’t interested in the usual carrots or leaf lettuce so I think we are going to try apples next and see how that goes. Where there are two rabbits, there are 20. Need to help curb that now!


Meanwhile I’m SO enjoying my blossoming buds without them smelling like pee or looking like they are covered in red sawdust. Simple pleasures. 😉

IMG_0798 IMG_0794 IMG_0792 IMG_0787Want to hear something fun? Here’s a flower that just started to bloom and it’s NEVER bloomed the past two years I’ve been in the house!

IMG_0790Yay daffodil!!! I didn’t think rabbits chewed those but actually, the soil is so tough and the flower bed is just jam-packed that I wonder if some flowers don’t bloom because of that. Heck, my two bleeding hearts are taking over everything (even some tulips!!!)

IMG_0788 IMG_0789 IMG_0796I had a tiny purple flower (another surprise/new blossom) but it died within the day so I didn’t get a picture. I see all kinds of stuff popping up and I’m wondering why I’ve never seen some of these blooms before. It’s really bizarre!

We’re still toying with the idea of removing shrubs and extending that flower bed. I’d love to give the flowers more space and also to be able to see them from the road without the large shrubs blocking them from view.

On the home front – Ben’s getting an MRI tomorrow. He’s been battling back pain for the past couple months and stopped going to the gym to see if that would help (It didn’t). He’s been doing chiropractic 2x/week which temporarily helps but lately I’ve been tying his shoes in the morning because it hurts him too much to bend over. Poor guy. We’re hoping we can find the problem and then find a good way of addressing it. Back pain is the worst.

The buds on the crabapple trees are starting to open up. This might be my favorite week of the year. The air is already fragrant and I just can’t get enough!!! Now we just need a couple days of warmer weather and sunshine for me to sit out and enjoy it!!!

Have a great Tuesday! Take time to stop and smell the tulips. 😉


2 Responses

  1. Your flowers look great! Hope Ben gets answers from the MRI. Poor guy – nothing worse than back pain unless you have something worse. C’mon warmer weather!

  2. Sorry to hear about Ben’s back. Been there and it is no fun.

    I love the blooms. I especially love the white bleeding heart!

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