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The Deck Re-Work

It’s been feeling like summer around here. The weekend was supposed to be in the low 70s and ended up hitting 80 on Saturday! Amazing. Fantastic. Really Warm. 🙂

I think Spring is trumping Fall as my new favorite season. After a long Winter, Spring feels like a haven of hope and optimism packed with beautiful blossoms, green grass, and warmer (but not nasty hot) temps. I’ve been doing my best to keep my butt outside and not slogging around indoors.

Remember the FitBit challenge I was doing last week?


I WON!! My 5 day total was over 50,000 steps. I haven’t walked that much in a long, long time. 🙂

Simple ways I got more steps:

  • I parked in the furthest corner of the parking lot
  • I set reminders on my calendar and did a quick loop inside the building every 2 hours
  • 30 min lunchtime walk (4x last week!)
  • 2 mile evening walk (3x)

I found that if I did more short loops at work I would already have a really solid step count by the time I got home. One day I was short on time and just walked outside one quick loop around the parking lot – 1100 steps like that!

There are so many articles about the benefits of moving throughout the day so I’ve been trying to not be chained to my chair. Even taking the long way to the bathroom helps. It all adds up. We’re doing another 5-day challenge this week and I was over 12K steps yesterday. Boom!

At long last we decided to tackle another round of deck painting. Had we known the time and $$ this project would have taken, I’m wondering if we would have just left it as-is. But the sprayed-on brown color was terrible and chipping up…

Remember this picture from last year?


We decided to sand down the areas that were already peeling (sigh) and get back to work slopping more paint on.

This turned out to be an all-weekend project and we only managed to get the first coat on! More yet to go! Ben worked on the floor and I did all the putzy work on the seats and railings. Never again, lol.

All sanded and ready for the first coat:


Halfway into the first application:

IMG_0807For as much work as this is, I really think the grey looks a TON better. Now we’re just telling each other that if we need to touch up every year or so… well then we do.

IMG_0808I think we’ll let this sit a week or two and then the next dry weekend we’ll do the “final” coat. Meanwhile…

IMG_0802We grill on the fire pit island! 🙂

Tired bodies want easy grub so we did lots of meat and veggies. I am absolutely loving grilled veggies. I don’t know how I’ll go back to boiled veggies come Winter.


IMG_0806I have FLOWERS blooming in the yard. Update post tomorrow!


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