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Hip to be Fit

FitBitThis past Christmas Ben and I received FitBit Zips as a gift. Zips are the base model of the FitBit family. While it doesn’t track sleeping patterns (which I don’t care about anyway) it gives me everything else in the convenience of a sturdy on-the-belt clip and no wrist band!! I also love the large screen so I can track steps, miles, calories, and time.

So, yeah, it’s a cute pedometer but what we’ve been enjoying is the fact that you can create a FitBit account and challenge other friends/family on daily, weekly, or weekend challenges!

005Ever since we got our FitBits, Ben and I have been challenging one another to “Goal Day”. It’s where we both try and hit our goal (5,000 steps) each day. It tracks progress and cheers us on from our phones throughout the day. For more ambitious days, we do the “Daily Showdown” to see who can get more steps than the other. Serious competition folks πŸ˜‰ There have been more than one instance where we race “laps” around the house in an effort to get more last-minute late night steps.


A few weeks ago we discovered our friends just got FitBits too and they have started getting in on our daily challenge action. Although… I’m convinced the wrist models cheat because I don’t see how they can get as many steps as they do when they have desk jobs!! πŸ™‚

Usually Ben and I hover around 4K steps and our friends tackle anywhere from 8-14K in a day. Ouch. Needless to say, it works better when we all are trying to hit our individual step goals rather than challenge for most steps.

Until this week…

They set up a 5 day Workweek Hustle challenge where you see who can get the most steps total Monday-Friday. I’m competitive by nature and am determined to win this first week! So far I’ve taken walks over lunch Monday and Tuesday as well as taken walks after dinner. It’s been a bit chilly and windy but I’ve kept at it. My feet are not as thrilled.

But, I’m in the lead so far! Here’s Monday’s results:


Right now I’m sitting around 25K steps for 2 days. That’s my step count for an entire week! Sheesh. I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep this up all week (I’m eyeing up the balls of my feet for pre-blister tenderness) but I’m enjoying pushing myself until I can’t push anymore.

Hey, whatever motivates you, right??

So we’ll see how we do this week. I told Ben he’s slacking a bit (he’s in last place) and that he needs to kick it up a notch. πŸ™‚


I’ll let you know how we do at the end of this challenge.


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