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April Yard Update


It’s now looking AND feeling like Spring around here. The grass is greener, the sky looks bluer (is that a word?), and the plants are popping up. That also means plenty of yard work and yard clean-up that needs to occur! All of a sudden we went from a perfectly painted front porch to one that’s chipped and looking pretty terrible. This wasn’t on the 2015 repair plan but we may want to get started on it anyway because it’s such an eyesore.


I think this weekend we’re going to attempt another coat of paint and *hope* that doesn’t peel off the back deck. I really don’t want to have to start from scratch. I’m just not sure why this well-rated deck paint/stain is cracking after less than a year!

012One of my interesting new purchases was this wasp trap. You fill it with sugar water and hang it outside and wasps are supposed to climb inside and not be able to get out. Anything that helps control the wasp population is worth a try!

035Here are my beautiful wind chimes. They sound so pretty – I just adore them. In the background you can spy my rose bushes and shrubs that need a serious face lift!

034While I’m more of a variety person, the rose bushes that flank the front of the house do really well and produce pretty blossoms for months. You can’t beat that. I have a few clumps of day lillies and then these ugly and dying shrubs that I want to dig out. I just need to figure out if I’ll be digging them out myself or hiring our for that.

039I’m not sure what I want to put there instead but I figured I’d worry about that after I have these removed! Definitely thinking something pretty for the fall and maybe a small flowering bush… or more tulips!

Hello, welcome to my house. I enjoy having this be the first thing you see:


Argh!!! lol – this has got to go!

The other side of the front walking path has my tiny flower garden and two more large shrubs. These shrubs are healthier… but I’m thinking of ripping them out too because they block my flowers from view.


The tulips are going strong. No nibbling so far. 🙂

030And here’s a plant that looks like a daffodil but has never bloomed in all the years we’ve lived here. Should know what it is soon!

031My bleeding hearts seem to be multiplying. What started as 1 plant is now 3 in the bed and 3 small others that have seeded on the stone. Crazy!!

029Little seedling – anyone want a white bleeding heart?

032My rose bush that I planted last year is growing! Hurray for surviving the first winter. There’s some good growth and hopefully plenty of blooms this year.


A good look at my entire flower bed. Still needs some good new soil and a thin layer of mulch. I can tell why they didn’t mulch though – this bed is cramped and there are a lot of random plants that seem to be spreading out.


We’re amassing a huge pile of clippings which will get taken to the brush site this weekend. Lots of our ugly shrubs have been severely chopped back until we either remove them or swap them with something else.

So good stuff overall. There always seem to be a mountain of projects we want to do but those have to get balanced with time, money, and how much back labor we want to put into it. It’s all a process – but it’s great being out in the fresh air working on stuff!!!


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  1. You have so many flowers close to blooming already! And that one plant is a daffodil. I have some of those at the new house.

    If you can afford to hire out the de-shrubbing, do it. We are removing ours and what back breaking work it is to dig them up. Ours are much bigger and overgrown than yours, though, so maybe it wouldn’t be too bad. You can always try one and see how it goes.

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