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Run Away to the Bay

Good morning! I hope you had a fun-filled weekend. Ben and I put on our cheering pom-poms and watched Alex participate in his first ever long-range relay Saturday.


The 55 mile relay race allowed for teams of 4-6 people. You could be in the Open Female, Open Male, or Open Mixed category. Alex found 5 dear friends and close running buddies and they teamed up to divide and conquer the 55 mile terrain on a WINDY and chilly morning.


My Dad was the official water man / shuttle driver / discarded clothing picker-upper / photographer. With such a large race distance, they did not have water stations except during the leg exchanges, so Dad had the trunk filled with water, Gatorade, and a mountain of disposable cups so he could hand out a glass and then jog up a few feet and pick up the discarded cup. Repeat 50 times over 7 hours. Ha ha

He was tossed layers of clothing as the runners warmed up and he shuttled several of the team members so they could cheer on the rest of the runners. Somehow he managed to take wonderful pictures of each leg of the race. What a rock star!

They divided all the teams into three start times: 7am, 8am, and 9am. The slowest runners began at 7 and the fastest at 9 with the idea that they could shorten the overall event a bit (55 miles is quite the haul on foot!). Here you can see our first dynamite exchange after completing 2 blazing fast legs!


It was fun to hear about how they put the run together. We had one runner rehabbing an injury and she took the shortest segment (still over 7 miles) and had another runner who had done a full marathon the past week and was still in race recovery. Somehow he ended up taking the hill work:

Nasty!! But he OWNED those hills!

A quick water break along the course

We caught up to the group at 1pm and waited at Alex’s hand-off to cheer him through his two legs. He was tackling a modest 10.3 miles. Somehow Alex stayed all warmed up and ready to go (excitement, maybe?), but his cheering squad was severely under-dressed and freezing! No excuses, this isn’t our first rodeo. lol rb7The team making quick work of the 5th team hand-off. Looking strong everyone!

rb8And he’s off and running! Here’s a great picture of Alex powering down the trail. Something more impressive? That’s all the 7 and 8am teams BEHIND him. Our group was booking it!


Plenty of cheers along the … wait, that’s Ben and me!! 🙂

Go Alex!

He finished his legs in 1:18 and then handed off to the anchor for the final two legs! Cruising, cruising! Still plenty of energy and team cheering along the way. I love that.

A quick pose from the 4 runners who had finished:

In the final tunnel the whole team was able to join in and cross the finish line together!


They were one of only 4 teams to finish in under 7 hours. As if that wasn’t great enough, they came in 3rd in the mixed division!

rb17 rb16

Awesome Rogue Trotter apparel and finisher medals. They look more like plaques than medals, lol


No wind nor cold conditions could stop this talented team!


Every time I watch a race I am so proud of Alex… and really wish I could run too. 🙂

Way to go to the racers!



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  1. What a wonderful race for Alex and his teammates! Your family must be so proud!! I wish I could run, too. lol

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