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At Least the Lawn is Turning Green

Ben’s back to work today which means we’re pulling out of this brief sickness fog and are on the solid road of recovery. Hurray for that! The cold, blustery & rainy weather continues and my driveway is smattered with the carcasses of all the huge worms that I squashed under the wheels of my car yesterday morning. Ugh.

The good part is that the rain is helping to green up our grass. Here’s a funny / ironic story. We live at the end of a row of houses with a house on one side and that awful bit of forest and tiny ravine on the other. The forest is the villa de rabbit garden and we “think” all the houses drain in our direction. This causes our sump pump to run several times an hour. It’s crazy. Anyway, our closest neighbor is a bit older and works from home, so he’s always out fiddling with his lawn. We’re talking 2x a week lawn mowing and many fertilizer applications. The result is a lush, green lawn that makes ours look like a dried biscuit. Ben’s been eyeing things up and decided to fertilize the same time this year.

002 001

It’s a couple weeks later and despite the careful and timely application, somehow, EVERY lawn surrounding ours looks green already except ours. It’s not fair!!! We may have to turn to the professionals one of these years. I just don’t trust them to keep those chemicals far, far away from my garden. The past two days of rain have helped green things up. We’re not caught up to the neighbors but at least we’re not brown and crispy anymore.

One of our projects last year was to sand and re-stain the back porch. We spent hundreds of dollars on stain stripper followed by sanding products to get inside the tight grooves and spindles of the porch and even rented a power sander for the larger pieces of wood. We slapped on a thick coat, following careful instructions and got about 75% of the way last year with the intent to finish this Spring. Now we’re noticing it’s already peeling off. It hasn’t even been a year!!!


Not sure what to do now. I’d hate to strip all this off and then try something new so we might try a second coat and then just leave it for a few years. Nothing is as frustrating as trying something yourself and not having it work. We are, unfortunately, not home fix-it professionals!

Despite being sick, Ben grilled burgers and veggies for us last night. I’m always excited to be back in grilling season because it just feels like there are more options for dinner every night. Plus, I’m getting addicted to grilled vegetables. They are so much better than just steaming them!

016 018

Since we’re trying to eat more veggies for lunch and dinner, we definitely go through a lot more than normal. Each time I throw a $3.49 pepper or $2.89 tiny zucchini into my grocery cart I wince and look forward to pulling them out of my garden. I’m hoping after this chilly week I can start planting, wouldn’t that be exciting!?

Time to get the umbrella and skip to work. Happy Tuesday!


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  1. Hope you will have better luck with your back porch this year Maybe a second coat will help. Your grilled food looks yummy. Hopefully the sun will make an appearance soon.

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