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Please Don’t Poke my Hand

Happy Monday! Is it raining anywhere else this morning? I can see the driveway is absolutely littered with worms scurrying all around. I guess the dormant season is over for them. Hopefully they’ll decide to vacate the area so they don’t get squashed by my car when I drive to work. Ewww. :/

We’ve had a crazy past couple of days. I had my yearly health assessment done at work. They check your blood pressure, height, weight, and waist circumference and then draw blood to do a cholesterol screening. I’m not the best at having my blood drawn but it’s always the same arm, always the same place, and I can mentally work up to the experience. (I’m a wimp, ok?) But after 4 pokes and enough arm squeezing to feel like something might fall off, she stabbed me in the HAND and did the blood draw there. Not mentally prepared.


This blood draw happened on Thursday and I still have the mark visible today! Not fun. The whole thing made me a bit woozy and I ended up going home a little early… Maybe I had really low blood sugar? I’m not sure, but I felt really terrible after I left and went back upstairs to eat my breakfast and stop my hand from shaking. Plus, it was painful. You definitely feel every second when it’s in your hand. Never again, please.

I fully recovered though (was there any doubt? 🙂 ) and then Ben got some bug and has been coughing and wheezing all weekend. I woke up at 5am on Saturday morning hearing him wheeze and cough and 10 minutes later was out the door loading up on cough drops, Sambucol, throat lozenges, soup, and cook & serve pudding. His throat has been the main issue and luckily no headache or fever but it’s lingering and we’re not seeing a lot of improvement. He’s even taking a sick day today for more recovery time. I’ve been taking extra doses of Vitamin C and so far, so good. I’m hoping with another day of rest he’ll be as right as rain.

As you can imagine, we didn’t do too much. I made most of the meals and did some cleaning. Yesterday afternoon was beautiful and I spent a few hours sitting outside reading. It was wonderful. I also learned I really need a new outdoor reading chair. I headed out for some investigation but after a few stops, couldn’t find what I wanted. Instead, I scored some great deals on coffee and picked our some flavors we’ve never tried before. Vanilla cream puff? Yes please. 🙂


Still chugging away and doing well trying to cut back on calories and drop a few pounds. I am down about 8# now and that feels pretty encouraging. The good(?) thing about my diet is that all our dinners are gluten-free, so my friend who has Celiac can stop over any night and not have to worry about the food. Bonus, I guess? 🙂

Since Ben’s throat was wonky, we made eggs loaded with veggies on Saturday night thinking soft foods would be best. Actually, this meal hit the spot and was really delicious:


Here’s one of my lunches too. I cooked up the Ideal Protein pasta and then sautéed veggies in coconut oil and drizzled some diet-approved dressing on top. Pretty filling (which isn’t always the case).


Last week the temps were mostly in the 60s and this week we’ve slid back into the 50s. I’m hoping for low winds so it feels warmer and I can get a couple afternoon/lunch time walks in. I managed 2 lunch walks last week and it felt amazing to be outside (plus breaking up the work day is so good).

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


4 Responses

  1. Hand sticks are no fun. My arm veins used to be great for donating, but over the years they got too scarred and the last time I tried to donate they got a dry stick and it was the most painful thing ever.

    We are rainy here as well, which actually is a good thing since we had about a week of great spring weather.

  2. Last week was great for our weather – 60’s. Today much cooler and very windy. Don’t care for hand sticks either – in fact don’t care for any kind of sticks. I usually ask for the “butterfly stick” – blood flows out better. Hope Ben is feeling better and you don’t get it. 8 #’s – that’s great! Keep it up!

    • Funny how you mentioned the butterfly needle. Right after I got back to my desk, one of my co-workers mentioned she always uses one. Good tip to put in my back pocket for next year!!!

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