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Easter Weekend

Happy Easter!! I hope you had a wonderful and blessed holiday!

My Facebook page is inundated with adorable kids in their fancy church clothes, candy baskets, and random cake/cookie/cupcake recipes all celebrating the risen Lord.

What I want to know is, what is the obsession with the peanut butter eggs? I only mention this because there have been multiple women at work commenting about their hidden stashes of eggs and that they have enough bags (yes, plural), to last them a few months.

And this, of course:

peanut butter eggs

Don’t get me wrong, I bask in the glory of all things peanut butter, chocolate, and sugar-laden as much as the next person but I guess I always think of Easter more along the lines of the Starburst jelly beans. Mmm…

No candy for this girl though, I stuck to the diet and ate on-plan all weekend. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. Now that I’m starting week #3, I can honestly say that it’s back to the normal now. I’m more or less in a routine as far as meal prep goes and I don’t have to think about it as much. With the birthday festivities cutting into my first week, I didn’t lose as much as I had wanted, but I am down 5.8#. Can’t complain.

What I am slightly nervous about is our furnace. We had a weird issue a few weeks back which turned out to be a fluke, but yesterday the house felt cold and upon investigation we discovered a small pool of water under the furnace and no pilot light on. Since it was Easter, we didn’t call anyone to come and check it out. This morning, however, the house temp was a lovely 61 degrees and I think calling the furnace folks is #1 priority for Ben this morning. 🙂 Hoping it’s a quick and inexpensive fix!

Things are going well in the land of sports too. Michigan State (my dad and brother’s alma mater) and Wisconsin both made it into the Final Four of the NCAA championship. Everyone is all crazy-excited for the final game tonight. I’ll confess, I’ve never been much for college sports and really don’t care about the outcome. Shouldn’t these students be in school and not gallivanting all over playing basketball? I’m just saying. BUT – the start to the 2015 MLB season is underway and the Cardinals are already leading their division (never mind that no one else has played a game yet – I’ll boast while I can). 🙂 But yes, the Badger fan base is alive and strong with more red and white garb than I’ve seen in a long time.

We went out to dinner Saturday night and all the TVs were tuned into the game. I was tuned into delicious eats:


A delicious salad with lots of fun toppings along with a filet and mountain of broccoli. It takes a bit of getting used to eating a salad without dressing so when it’s loaded with fresh cracked pepper and a sprinkle of salt, I’m doing OK. I am always thankful when the veggie of the day is something that’s allowed on the diet (i.e. no potato, corn, or carrots).


Ben ordered the table-side steak sauce. A lady came and opened up a hot plate with lemon rinds and garlic. She roasted them for a few moments before adding their homemade sauce. The result was a delicious-smelling garlic bonanza that left my mouth watering. I stuck my finger in to sample and it was delicious. Ben certainly enjoyed it!


My tulips are still growing and the rest of my plants are trying to decide if they want to grow or not. Some are still dealing with the winter rabbit trauma:

094 093

But the plan still is to rip these out and put in something that won’t be so appetizing. I had planned on planting peonies but I think this side of the house isn’t in full sun… so might need to re-think that a little bit. Plenty of time.

Ok, my fingers are feeling like ice. Time to run them under some warm water and get to work. Here’s hoping for a fabulous week!!


4 Responses

  1. Hope it isn’t too serious with the furnace – that’s what my husband does for a living, installing & fixing furnaces, also air conditioners. Sounds like you are doing a great job losing weight – wish I could say the same for myself. Your meal Sat. evening looked great. What kind of steak did you have? Stay warm!

  2. Furnace issues are no fun at all. Hope it is just dirty and needs to be cleaned!

    I ****love**** the peanut butter egg. Any reeses, really. It’s my huge red light food. I managed to have just 1 mini PB egg yesterday, which was like a miracle for me 😀

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