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The Sun’ll Come Out – Today


(never mind the 46 degrees forecasted for tomorrow)

It’s back to being lighter out so I can drive to work and not rely on my headlights. That’s a great feeling! It was beautiful and in the high 50s yesterday but I was stuck working in the office late and didn’t get a chance to head out for a walk. Maybe tonight is the night.

I received a last-minute invite to see Annie at our local performing arts center. Somehow whenever Ben and I go to a play it always ends up being a musical. We saw Wicked, Little Women – the musical, and The Book of Mormon” in the past few years… and he made me promise not to drag him to a musical ever again. Ha ha. Luckily this was a girls night out event. 🙂

Our men got together to do their own thing and we ladies made a pit stop for delicious eats:


I still am not a fan of the mason jar drinking glass… but it IS charming to look at. Every so often throughout the night we’d stop and take a totally random photo and send it to the guys. Amusingly, they would take pictures and mail them back to us (but I don’t know how to get sent photos off my phone so you can’t see those)


No dining establishment would be complete without a large pig statue outside:

008We got terrific parking and wandered around the atrium until it was time to find our seats. At times like this you get to sit and people-watch and because the production was Annie, there were tons and tons of children there which you don’t often see at a pricey touring show.

012We had front-row seats in the balcony so there weren’t people in front of us. I even remembered to bring my glasses so I could see the larger objects on the stage. Old age is no joke on the eyes!

Our shoes: just because

014We joke that my friend Jess has child feet because she wears a size 6 shoe. I wear a 9.5/10!!!

It’s been a long, long time since I have watched the original movie but I still remembered a lot of the lyrics to the songs. I think movies you watch as a kid have a special place in your movie heart ❤


Look! Look! – no cell phones are allowed. I’m taking a picture of that anyway. bwahahaha #thuglife

015It was a cute show. The acoustics in the theatre aren’t the best so I was glad I knew the lyrics and wasn’t straining to pick them out the way I was for The Book of Mormon. They had some pretty set changes though and one where you saw New York central park with snow falling in the background. Really pretty.

I’ve got a mis-mash of odds and ends at work today but hoping to get out on time and maybe tackle clearing out a bit of my flower bed. I’m seeing some tulips popping through!! Yay Spring!!


3 Responses

  1. I’m guessing it’ll be warmer. It was supposed to be 75 here in Mn yesterday and it got up to 80! It’s coming your way… 🙂

    Love Annie!

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