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The Golden Boy

Who doesn’t love celebrating birthdays? They are always fun events full of laughter, merriment, cake, and good cheer. I’ve been looking forward to my brother Matt’s birthday for a while now because he turned 30 on the 30th. He’s the Golden birthday boy and flipped over into a new decade all at once!

We made a surprise run to the party store and picked out the largest balloon they had. This picture doesn’t even do it justice – the balloon was gigantic!


And we even found a cute “present” holder as our balloon weight. Loved it!


The plan all week has been to swing by after work and pick up both the boys and take them to dinner. We asked Matt if he wanted to try some place new or if he wanted to get burgers at The Bar and receive his birthday glass. Neither of my brothers are big drinkers but Matt wanted his glass – so away we went.

The birthday glasses were taller this year. I think they’d be perfect for root beer floats in the summertime, don’t you think?


It was burgers all – around the table too. Ben got a roadhouse burger with chipotle mayo and onion rings on top, Alex got a bacon cheeseburger, Matt a regular burger, and I had a regular burger with a side salad:

033Somewhere under that lettuce and tomato is my burger. 🙂

Nothing beats dinner with my favorite guys. I love you all so much!!

031Would you believe most days we go out for a birthday and take an outdoor picture, the sun is super bright and we end up with lots of wincing and closed eyes. Yesterday was warmish and overcast – perfect for a birthday snapshot

034On the way home we were driving past Cabelas and the boys mentioned that they haven’t been inside yet. Well! We took care of that! It was the perfect night for it too: the parking lot wasn’t crazy-busy (it usually is PACKED) and we could leisurely walk around and look at all the interesting things on display:

037Alex was almost killed by a mountain lion but jumped away in the nick of time

039So then, naturally, the men needed to explore the racks of guns in case of future animal attacks. 🙂

038All in all, a fun evening was had by all! It must be a bit overwhelming to have a golden birthday AND flip to a new decade all in the same year. Alex is the only member of the family still in his 20s. How time flies.

It was a perfect evening with my wonderful brothers. I’m so blessed to have such sweet and wonderful guys in my life! ❤

Happy Golden Birthday Matt!


2 Responses

  1. I love celebrating birthdays as long as it’s not mine. Although guess having a birthday is better than the alternative… 😉 Happy birthday MATT!

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