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Diet Headaches

Here we are, a week into re-starting the Ideal Protein diet. I eased into things last week and suffered through some miserable headache days. It’s amazing how much your body craves what you can’t eat. You get hungry for carbs and delicious treats and you have to keep walking away from the pantry so you aren’t tempted to stick a hand into the jar of pecans or slide a spoon into the peanut butter.

Which all means you do a lot of sitting on the couch, watching Netflix with your hubby, and trying not to think about food…


It was a chilly, rainy weekend which worked perfectly for lounging around. We put together a short list and went to Menards for some tiny Spring projects we want to tackle: Spring fertilization to prevent the massive crab grass and spiky plants that littered the grass last year, new shutters for the front of the house, a huge bag of milky spore to help the Japanese beetle issue, and three new lights for the front of the garage. Everything is a low-budget and easy project that we should be able to tackle on our own (although I wonder about the shutters on the 2nd story of the house).

I’m trying to remember all the meals we used to eat when I was on the diet before. I remember rhubarb with the IP packaged oatmeal was really tasty but we’re a bit away from rhubarb in the store. I also bought some packages that evidently can be modified into muffins – which would be easier to package and take to work each day. Those should arrive this week and then I’ll be able to play around and figure out what works.

Typical weekend lunch on the diet:


Micro green salad with pea shoots, organic salad mix, and diet-approved dressing alongside the Ideal Protein broccoli and cheese soup with broccoli and cauliflower added.

This is a fairly substantial lunch but one that’s hard to do at work – so I save the cooked foods for the weekends when I have more time and space to prepare.

We had a fun dinner this weekend too: tacos on romaine leaves instead of shells. The romaine held up really well and was nice and crunchy and even Ben agreed this was a pretty decent alternative to carb-laden taco shells.

Ben added cheese and black beans to his tacos:


I added mushrooms (on the side) to mine because I need to have a certain amount of “allowed” veggies at both lunch and dinner.


Cheese isn’t allowed but I am taking a less severe approach this time around. I’m tracking calories each day along with fat/carbs to see where I land. I’m hoping if I’m eating just a few more calories I’ll be able to incorporate some exercise as well.

Last night we went to the Walking Dead season finale party with friends. I forgot my camera but they did a “salad” theme with green salad + all the toppings, taco pasta salad, and apple snickers salad. They also made a “salad” of Hostess treats which looked great but I had to pass on. I was already venturing off the diet with the rest of the food.

Today is my brother Matt’s birthday and my 6th year anniversary at work, so we’re taking Matt out for his birthday glass tonight. Bun-less burgers are on the horizon and I can’t wait!

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend!!!


4 Responses

  1. It looks like you did well with Ideal Protein over the weekend. I doubt I could do this well. My favorite dressing is raspberry vinegarette. Can you have dressings with your salads?

    • Some dressings are ok – basically those with no sugar and low carbs. Any diet is hard in the beginning but once you get a solid plan in place and get through the first couple weeks of growing pains, it’s not too bad. It’s easier sticking TO a diet that’s seeing results than it is for me to START a diet. 🙂

  2. I think I might get some of that milky spore for beetles this year as well. They were so bad last year!

    • Wish I’d read up on it more because it sounds like the ideal time to spread it is in the Fall but I’m thinking early Spring might also work – plus it’s supposed to last several years!

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