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Brownie Baking

How’s Spring treating you so far? I got my toe nails painted a pale pink, so this girl is ready for sandals now. 🙂

It was a fairly quiet weekend. We did the usual Friday night get-together to watch The Office and The Walking Dead with our friends but Saturday morning Ben had to be up at 4am to help with some off-hour work upgrade. Unfortunately, that didn’t go well and he was working through until 2pm.

So I baked him brownies to ease the pain. lol

I had a brownie mix in the cupboard that’s been there way too long, so I pulled that out and followed the directions on the back for making a decadent chocolate frosting/glaze. You mix a can of sweetened condensed milk with a bag of chocolate chips and a teaspoon of vanilla. How does that sound!? Rich? Ooey-gooey? Intensely amazing? It was.

You can get organic sweetened condensed milk in all our local grocery stores now. I drizzled that into the pan.


I decided to use mini chocolate chips because I thought they would melt better.


Mix it all up, cook and stir until melted.

013 014 015

The directions had me spread this over the brownies when they had five minutes of cooking time remaining… I’m not sure if it was to help the glaze consistency because it didn’t seem to change at all?


Whatever the reason, the final result was incredible. The frosting wasn’t too thin and also wasn’t too sweet. Plus the brownies themselves were just really good (and chocked full of walnuts – yum!). I used Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free brownie mix and definitely would recommend it! I know they have a non-gf version as well.

There was slight crackling in the frosting and a gooey richness underneath. I could have eaten the entire pan myself… but we ended up packing more than 1/2 the pan up to give to my family. We don’t need that much temptation around the house!!!


Ben spiced our brownies up with some fresh raspberries. Super idea – the tartness from the berries were amazing with the brownies.


I want another one RIGHT NOW. lol Maybe we shouldn’t have given so many of them away.

Ben’s work stuff wasn’t finished Saturday so he did the 4am thing on Sunday too – making the rest of our weekend resting and taking things easy. I am prepping to re-start Ideal Protein today so I stocked up on a bunch of diet-approved goodies for me (plus strawberries for Ben). I guess it is good the brownies are out of the house.

032I now have 3 kinds of micro-greens, lemons, egg whites, peppers, broccoli, green onions, cauliflower… our fridge is stuffed!

I’m nervous to start again but I’m already taking biotin as a precaution for hair loss and will definitely not stay on the diet for 6 months this time around. It’s more around all the pre-planning that has to be done to make sure I have enough vegetables for lunch during work.

So this week will be hard getting used to eating less and upping the water. We have Matt’s birthday next week and I’m allowing myself a slice of cake as a reward for a solid first week. Yes, food as a diet reward, ha ha.

Ok, it’s time to get going to work. Looks windy outside… let’s hope it’s not as cold as it looks!


4 Responses

  1. Brownies looked delicious! They wouldn’t last long at my house. Good luck with Ideal Protein. I just need to watch my portions and eat what I know is right for me.

    • I found I do better with structure. I have no willpower / foresight when it comes to portion control and eating the right foods!! 🙂

      • Maybe that is why I have such a hard time losing weight and keeping it off – I need structure, too. Anyways, good luck on your quest. Maybe today will be a better day for me.

  2. Those brownies look amazing!

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