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Hat Party!


I mentioned yesterday that we had gotten invited to a last-minute birthday hat party. All attendees were asked to wear a hat of some kind. We didn’t have much time to put together anything crazy or fancy so Ben selected his black fedora and I chose my wacky beach hat.

They had a great selection of homemade hummus along with chips, dip, veggies and a birthday cake. My hostess made me a chocolatini and it was STRONG but delicious. I sipped that for almost 2 hours, lol.


Some of my favorite gal-pals all together sporting our fashionable wear:


I noticed several things about this picture: we are hilarious and adorable, our hats are awesome, and I am really fat. How can you gain so much weight so quickly? Why is it so easy?! OMG.

I’m not sure how it happened but the boys separated from the gals and we had the upstairs all to ourselves for most of the night before waltzing downstairs to see what was up with the menfolk. As suspected, they were discussing riveting topics – like the Packers re-signing Randall Cobb.

hat party 2

My sweetie and me

hat party 01

Since the clocks were moving forward that night we didn’t stay too late (but it was still late for me). I hate being the first to go but I am not a night owl like a lot of our friends. How do people stay up so late!!??

Yesterday I hopped on the treadmill for the first time in a long, long time. I am really slow (shocking) but I walked through a 30 minute TV show and was happy with myself when I was done. No leg pain which was REALLY good. Since it’s supposed to almost hit SIXTY today (thank you Lord!) Ben and I are going to go for a walk tonight. I’m thinking I may even try and take a short walk during lunch today. We’ll see how busy the day is.

I hope those of you in the WI area are enjoying the warming up and for those of you with chilly temps still – that they warm up fast. The extended forecast says 63 on Friday.

Off to do cartwheels of happiness…


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  1. Oh I am jealous of your temps! I was happy because we are supposed to see low 40s today LOL!

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