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Riviera Maya: Part 1

I’m writing this blog post with a sheepish smirk/grimace on my face. My blog presence has been non-existent lately and I apologize! All is well, I’ve just been out of the morning blogging groove. I’ve found myself sleeping in a bit too long to get a post in before work and then I come home and get wrapped up in whatever trivial task I have planned… and the posts never get written.

But anyway, we went to Riviera Maya a couple weeks ago and I’m excited to give you a two-part vacation recap! It feels like a long time ago but as I’m typing this I can see the faint tan line on my wrist from where my resort wristband was. Hurray for winter sunshine!

There’s always so much you learn about the make-up of a resort ONCE you get there. We stayed at the Iberostar Lindo in Riviera Maya. Evidently it was the 3rd resort in a string of 5 Iberostar resorts strung together. That meant we could visit the “lower” resorts but not the two pricier ones. Each resort had its own colored wristband so you were easily identifiable. We didn’t understand how this all weaved and ended up with a few hand slaps when we attempted to eat at the wrong breakfast buffet one morning. 🙂


As you know, we planned this vacation along with our friends that we met in Punta Cana last year. Our flights converged in Atlanta and we took the same flight (sitting in the same row) from Atlanta to Cancun. Let me tell you, tackling long lines in customs is SO much more fun with other people!

We were ushered outside to wait for our van that would take us to our resort. I sat waiting in jeans and a t-shirt and was perfectly, wonderfully comfortable. It’s a beautiful time of year in Mexico and compared to the single digits Green Bay was getting that week, this couldn’t be beat. I think all 4 of us would have been content pulling out chairs and sitting under the canopy at the airport staring off into the blue skies and palm trees.

You’d all be shocked if I told you I spent the entire first day in Mexico without taking a SINGLE picture! That’s craziness. It was a very different vacation vibe and I didn’t feel like carrying my camera with me everywhere or taking pictures of every single thing. But our first way was spent in general vacation fashion: EARLY morning flights (5:30am), lots of airport navigation, transportation shuffling, and settling into the layout of the resort. We walked around before dinner, enjoyed our first meal, and actually called it an early night. We’re wimps! (and not used to the sunshine)

The next day Ben got up early and threw towels over a couple chairs by the large swimming area. The early mornings were a bit chilly and we spent a lot of the mornings in shirts or with our towels spread over our laps:



The biggest bummer about this resort (and maybe the only major thing we didn’t like) was that they didn’t heat their pools. They weren’t just cold, they were frigid (and this coming from a gal who would swim in Lake Superior growing up).



Chilly smiles for the camera:

031There appeared to be two hot tubs with massive jets out in the middle of the pool so the boys swam out to warm up… only to find those pools even COLDER than the main pool. D’uh!

030They splish-splashed for a few minutes and then swam over to the swim-up bar to grab drinks and head on back to our chairs.

028We girls checked out the lazy river – a selling point for us in choosing the resort – and ran away after plunging toes into icy water. No thank you!

Our first reservations were at the steak restaurant – which we learned was actually one half of the buffet restaurant serving as both buffet and ala carte dinner dining.

009 008Crazy moment of insanity – I ordered the “surf n turf”. I’ve never had lobster and I FULLY realize that Mexico resort lobster is probably not the place to venture your first taste, but I was living dangerously. Ben ordered a gnocchi with pork medallions.

010 011Lobster looks creepy but has a pretty bland taste. Meh

And that’s it for our one and only day by the pool. We spent the rest of the week by the water and I’ll get you that recap tomorrow.


Ben – the mojito man


2 Responses

  1. Oh man that looks AMAZING!

  2. It looks so warm an relaxing! Ahhh!

    And lobster that is bland? You need to get out to the east coast and try a lobster roll. They are amazing… Amazing.

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