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Buenas Tardes from Riviera Maya

Hola senors and senoritas! I can’t believe it’s Sunday and we’re on our last day of vacation! I had grand plans to blog by the water and tell you about the week… but you know how vacations away from home go. We’ve been lucky to get free wi-fi but it’s spotty in certain areas so it works during meals and in our rooms.

The week has been amazing – relaxing and wonderful. We met up with our friends in Atlanta as planned and had seats all next to one another on the plane down. It is wonderful having others with you as you navigate through customs – plus there’s just so many more laughs along the way.

ALL week long I’ve been wanting to eat breakfast outside. When we were in Punta Cana for our honeymoon, it was way too hot and humid for an enjoyable al fresco event, but it’s perfect here. The trouble, however, has been arriving for breakfast when outdoor tables are open. We got up a little extra early today and viola! we have our beautiful table!


It took me several days to figure out that I could get the cooks to make me over-hard eggs. I had been getting omelets but they never seemed cooked all the way through. Plus fresh eggs just seem, err, fresher?


Ben was a bit tired but enjoying lounging about. They were playing 80’s power ballads all throughout breakfast and there were speakers out on the patio. 🙂


It’s so wonderful and peaceful in the morning because there are a LOT of families here and the resort is usually pretty quiet until at least 9am.


We definitely find ourselves comparing this place to Punta Cana. I suppose that makes sense considering our honeymoon wasn’t so long ago. It’s a sharp contrast visiting in September versus February!!

Each morning we wake up and I put a sweater on over my swim suit. When we flip-flop our way down to the water, it’s really breezy but because the sun isn’t fully up, it’s COLD. (Of course, that is relative. Mom has kept me up to date this week with one-line weather updates from home. “Ali, -4 for the high today. Get sun for us!” , etc, etc…)

The solution is to throw our beach towels over our laps and then everything is perfect!


Can you beat the sound of the waves and this view???


We don’t want to come home!!!

Our flight tomorrow leaves at 8am – which means we need to be ready for our airport shuttle at 4:35am tomorrow!! Yikes!! We’re planning on calling it an early night so, hopefully, we won’t be exhausted for the flight home.

Much to catch you up on. Hope you’ve been keeping warm this week!


Love from Riviera Maya!


2 Responses

  1. You must be in the air as I type this and “no” you don’t want to come home. It’s like -8 in Green Bay right now with a high for 8 above zero today. Then windy and blustery for tonight & Tuesday for you, not a typical last week in Feb. for this cold weather. Glad you had a wonderful vacation.

  2. Waiting to hear about your warm vacation!

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