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Ice Castles in WI

Hey everyone!

I hope the weekend treated you well. It’s LATE Monday night and I’m whipping out a quick post about our weekend excursion to see my friend Jessie’s cousin’s ice castle. By the time you read this, Ben and I will be traipsing around Atlanta en route to Mexico! Excellente!

We grabbed my brother Matt on Saturday and the three of us went out for some lunch at a nearby bar/restaurant. I had a delicious burger and fries. Their water tasted weird so I ended up ordering a Pepsi. I can’t remember the last time I ordered a soda that wasn’t a root beer.027023Sometimes I take for granted how wonderful it is to go to a bar and enjoy a meal without all the cigarette smoke lingering in the air. It wasn’t too long ago that I would never step into a bar because I hated having to wash all my clothes immediately afterwards. It was really quiet for lunch – maybe 4 other people were spread about – so we got a sunny table by the window and caught up with Matt on the latest news.

From there we went to meet up with Jessie so see her cousin’s fort. He began saving bottles and jars in November. He’d fill them with water, add food coloring, and freeze them. The end result (at night):

Ice Castle

It’s almost 6 feet tall! I love the addition of the drawbridge and the rope lighting around the top. We had that bout of warmer weather that melted some of the bricks at the bottom, but the colors on the top are still really nice and bright.



Up close you can see the variety of block shapes. He used everything from peanut butter jars to 2 liter soda bottles to large juice jugs. Here you can see the very beginnings of the castle:

Ice Castle 2

This made me smile because it reminded me of when we were growing up. My folks bought an old farmhouse that had been poorly renovated into a school house (we re-renovated it). We had lots of land and would often host winter camping events for the Boy Scouts to earn their “Zero Hero” badge. It’s a badge you get for sleeping outside when weather conditions are below zero. My dad would chaperone the construction of the snow forts – with wooden bracings and candling at the end – and we’d have the scouts make their meals as well. It was always a lot of fun.

But today was just observing a fun castle. Kinda makes you want to get outside and build something though! 🙂

Sunny day too!


Good stuff…

Ok Ben is hollering at me because I am procrastinating and haven’t finished my packing yet. It’s 11:15pm here and we have to be up at 4am so we can get dressed and drive to the airport for our 5:35am flight. Yikes! Our resort is supposed to have WiFi so I’ll hopefully get a few posts in from Riviera Maya for you to see. And yes, I plan to bring some warmth home with me too!!


3 Responses

  1. /That is cool! Did he make slush or something as ‘mortar’?

    Have an awesome trip!

  2. I’ve never seen anything like that! I’m with you on the smoking thing – I just wanted to leave whenever I was in a place that allowed it!

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