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Premiere Night

It is finally heeeeeereeeeee!

We’ve been waiting patiently for the return of The Walking Dead. Our good buddies, as you know, are HUGE fans and they sucked us into Walking Dead land years ago. Now, we’re hooked too. Since I was still recovering from the work weekend of zombie sleeping, we decided to do a “second half of the season” party and watch Sunday’s episode last night.

Jess always puts on a delicious spread of food. She is my non-health food cooking idol. 🙂


Lasagna, garlic bread, broccoli, and my absolute favorite wine in the world.

Umm Umm


Even though I’ve found wines I like, this is the only wine I really LOVE. Best part? I can buy it for just $8.50 a bottle in town. How can you beat that? Maybe I like it because the alcohol content is low and it’s ridiculously sweet?? Yes, probably. 🙂

This is how most episode watching does down: they make a fire in their amazing fire furnace, Marilyn (one of their cats), finds someone’s lap to lay on, and one of us poor people (this time it was Jess) got stuck multi-tasking work and TV viewing.


(I really love that they still have their Christmas decorations up. I love that a lot. )

A quick break mid-episode and Jess broke out the ice cream and toppings. Sugar!!!! I love you and I hate you! Why must you be so delicious…


Somehow, at once point, the boys realized they were both wearing white v-neck undershirts. They then found it hilarious that both guys got them for Christmas this year. So – they modeled.


Those are my guys, lol 🙂

I feel pretty lucky to have such terrific friends that live close by. We are pretty lucky that it’s just a quick car ride to see one another. It feels like we’re spoiled to hop over after work, hang out, eat, and get home before 9pm.

I won’t give out any Walking Dead spoilers because I hate it when people do that, but I will say that it’s great to have the season back on again. Can’t wait for more good times!


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  1. The “spread” at your friends place plus ice cream (I’m a big fan) looked great. Now I could go for lasagna & garlic toast. What is your favorite wine? Everyone looks comfy! Very windy here today.

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