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The Endless Night

Happy, HAPPY Monday everyone!

We dodged the predicted 3″ of snow that had been expected to fall Sat/Sun and ended up with nothing. Nada. Zilch. Love it. Here we are, almost mid February and you can still see patches of grass in the yard. I think that means we’ll have a quicker wrap-up of the mushy/soggy Spring season. Seriously, I can’t wait!

I had the craziness weekend. My initial weekend plan was to stay up on Thursday night to observe one of our office’s late-night deployments. I wanted to log in, learn a bit about the monthly process, and then go to sleep (taking Friday off of work). I scheduled a much-needed chiropractic appointment and drank a few extra cups of coffee so I wouldn’t pass out in the recliner at 11pm.

Things started on schedule (2am) but slowly began unraveling. I’m not familiar with the processes and procedures (hence why I was observing) but finally I couldn’t take it any more and jumped in to start organizing and delegating. This led into non-stop directions, phone calls, and finally showering at 7am and driving back into work (with no sleep). I managed somewhere to grab a single cup of coffee and a granola bar and keep plugging away until 5:30pm Friday. I was able to quickly dart out and hit my chiro appointment (she said I felt stressed and tense – ha) but everything else was a flurry and a fog. Somehow people thought I was in charge of everything from the start and so I started getting backlash for things falling apart in the first place. That’s always fun when you’re going the extra mile to help a situation out.

I got home exhausted and starving and Ben quickly provided a turkey sub from the new sandwich shop and a pile of veggie straws. Boy I look wiped out, lol…


The sandwiches were delicious and I was so hungry I could have eaten three of them 🙂

014 015

I had a wonderful turkey sandwich and Ben had a toasted chicken parmesan. Umm Hmmm

At that point my head had that weird fog / pain / disorientation thing going on. I collapsed into bed at 7:30 and slept until 8 Saturday morning. I have no idea how people do all-nighters because it wiped me out the rest of the weekend. We didn’t do much at all and spent the time flaked out on the couch reading and dozing.

We’re coming up on our Winter vacation though and I’m getting excited for that! We’re going to spend just shy of a week in Riviera Maya with the friends we met in Punta Cana during our honeymoon. It’s going to be a long week waiting but I can’t wait. Warm weather and sunshine can’t come soon enough – and we can’t wait to see our buddies again!



6 Responses

  1. Sounds like a much needed vacation! I did post the info on my 10-day “Not a Detox” that you were curious about… I’m not sure if you saw it yet: http://seasonitalready.com/2015/02/06/10-day-its-not-a-detox/

  2. I’m envious of you getting away this winter. I used to take those nice winter trips. I think those all-nighters would mess me up for a few days and nights, too. Hope you are back to your ‘ole self now.

    • Yup, feeling good now. No more all-nighters for this lady!! We’re really excited about this trip because we haven’t gone anywhere over winter in 3 years since I was always in the middle of classes.

  3. Oh how exciting to go somewhere warm!

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