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Hauling in the Medals at State

This past weekend was a whirlwind of driving back and forth to Wausau to watch Alex compete in State for snowshoeing. Once upon a time I was a really great sister and would attend every single game / practice / event he participated in. I sat through freezing cold soccer games, watched him get a bloody nose (twice!!) playing basketball, screamed and cheered through countless races and even watched him bowl. Is it terrible to admit: bowling is really awful to watch and not play? πŸ™‚

Sadly, I’m not that amazing sister anymore. I’ve started limiting my spectating events because, literally, it seems like Alex is always on the move. I lost count of all his races and sporting events last year. But, State is a big deal so Ben and I wanted to cheer him on. This is his third year at State (last year was cancelled due to weather) and each year Alex does the two longest snow shoe events: the 400 and 800m. Every year he’s brought back a gold in the 800 and a silver in the 400. Alex is fast but he’s definitely NOT a sprinter, which means he gets beat in the 400 by the same guy every year and then goes and wins the 800 by an entire lap. Crazy how that works. πŸ™‚

Anyway, Alex’s first day of competition was pretty decent. The weather was good for this time of year and luckily Wausau has more snow than Green Bay (there isn’t enough to practice on here). The sun was shining which made it more comfortable for the spectators. Luckily, Alex’s first race was the 2nd event of the day – so we came, we cheered, and we left still warm.

The 800m is 4 laps around the race course. A happy wave pre-race:

State 6

Alex took off charging and was neck and neck with his 400m adversary – and good friend.

state 1

But in typical 800m style, the other racers ran out of steam just as Alex hit his stride. Honestly, how does anyone SPRINT in snowshoes? I look at his airborne photos and am amazed:

State 5

He started whipping around the course and one of the refs started yelling to the other ref that they needed to “mark” the laps because “that guy is going to lap everyone else”. And he did – winning by more than a full lap too!

Mom, Dad, and the winner πŸ™‚

State 7

That night Alex and another athlete (both named to the Summer USA team) got to emcee the evening festivities. Alex had to memorize an opening speech and then announce the color guard. We weren’t there for this but Mom and Dad stayed down in Wausau and watched. They said Alex killed his part. πŸ™‚ So proud

State 8 State 9

Sunday was the opposite of Saturday with Alex’s race being second to last. A quick fist-pump with his good friend and rival in the corral:

State 2

I think Alex decided he was going to win the 400 this year. We weren’t sure exactly what happened but he had a clean and quick start and tore down the track. His first gold in the 400m!!!

State 3

Alex trains year-round so he really comes to State prepared and ready to go, and it shows. It’s pretty awesome to be the sister of the athlete who is tearing up the ground. Oh Alex, rub some of those athletic genes onto me!!!

Our plan this week is to get our mug shots taken and submitted so we can be on the “family” section for the World Games. It’s going to be so exciting to be there and I’m thrilled that the Games just happen to be in the USA this time and not far, far away like the last trip. This girl needs some official Olympic apparel and a foam finger or whatever else you need for cheering on your athlete! πŸ™‚


2 Responses

  1. Congrats to Alex! I can’t even imagine running in snow shoes. I can’t even walk in them without tripping!

  2. Good job to Alex and his dedication. You are a wonderful sister and don’t forget that. Have a great weekend!

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