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How to Stay Warm this Winter

I’m not sure what has happened exactly but we’re seeing deer around the neighborhood! At first I thought the tracks in the backyard were from rabbits but I sat down in my chair to blog to you today, looked out the window, and saw a deer prancing across the neighbors’ backyard! I whipped out my camera to take a picture but it’s way too dark outside to see anything.

My family is getting their usual wildlife sightings as well. Mom sent me this picture two days ago:

Jan Deer
I am a bit nervous about deer in the backyard because I wonder if they’ve been gnawing on my raspberry plants. Ben told me the plants need to be thinned a bit anyway – ha!

For any of you feeling a little chilled this Winter, I thought I would give a shout-out for a product that Ben’s been raving about: DUCK brand roll-on window plastic.


I know this is a funny thing to blog about but it’s practical and Ben said that it worked so well. Last year we cut pieces of plastic and together worked on covering the windows. Our windows “look” in good shape but I can definitely feel a chill (and sometimes a very slight breeze) so we like to try and cover them for the frigid months. Ben found the roll-on at Menards and picked up a box and said it was the easiest thing he’d ever done. He got the windows done all by himself (no help needed from me) and they are working great. We also patched up the entrance into the attic (which is in the bedroom closet) and I’m a lot warmer when I open that door now. Success!

Another gadget we’re loving is the NEST thermostat. We got one for our wedding and Ben’s been in love ever since (with me and the NEST – LOL). It’s not cheap but it begins paying for itself by adjusting the temperature in the house based on both pre-set schedules as well as time when no one is in the house.


Ben has it set to a lower temp starting at 10pm and then warming up at 5am so it’s not so freezing when we hop out of bed. Then we leave by 6:15 and the temp goes back down again (even lower) and starts warming up at 3pm so it’s nice by the time I get home after work.

It also has an auto-away feature so if we go out to dinner or to hang out with friends, the NEST knows no one is home, and lowers the temp to conserve energy. You can adjust the temp using your smart phone – so when we went away for a weekend Ben turned the temp down and then turned it back up while we were driving home. Much nicer coming back to a warm house than a cold one!

So in case you’re looking for some ways to be more energy efficient AND stay warm, there you have a couple of good options. I’m not getting free samples or money to say it either. These are products we use and would recommend. I’m just always cold in the Winter and love figuring out ways to stay warm and save money too. Cranking up the temp to 75 isn’t always practical. 🙂

Other ideas:

– heated blankets

– thick, fuzzy socks

– hot coffee/tea/cocoa (warm mugs feel great on icy hands)

– thin, thermal undershirts (you can get inexpensive non-brand name options and save $$)

– crack open the oven door after cooking (not good option for kids and pets in the house)

– boil water on the stove (also great for adding humidity into the house!)

How do you stay warm in the Winter?


3 Responses

  1. Beautiful deer photo! My parents get deer in their backyard as well as a flock of wild turkeys. We’ve counted up to 19. Over Christmas, my dogs were going insane to get outside when they saw them. Beautiful.

    • Wild turkeys? How awesome! I bet that’s an amazing sight. I love seeing wildlife in the winter but I’m amazed we saw our deer. We’re in the middle of the city and I have no idea where he lives… maybe someone’s backyard pet? 😉

  2. We have a programmable thermostat, which is so great to have so you don’t forget to turn the heat down (or on!!). It comes on just before we get up so we don’t get out of bed to a cold house, unless I have insomnia.

    I also have a heated fleece blanket – which is a favorite of me and Pixie!

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