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Licking Our Wounds

There is a parade of sad trombones sounding off in my head. Yesterday I slogged into work, slapped on my headphones, and blocked out all the football-related conversations. There’s only so much you can take. Being fair and honest, with Aaron Rodgers being injured, I really did not think we were going to win Sunday’s game. But the Packers were looking good in the first half. As we passed through the 3rd quarter and were solidly into the 4th, I began envisioning Super Bowl parades and parties. Would we host? Go somewhere else? What food should I make?

And then, unbelievably, one fluke after another happened and we lost. The hard part is losing to one of the cockiest, arrogant, and annoying teams out there. I’ve never been a fan of Pete Carroll (their head coach) and Packer fans are still shaking their heads over the “fail mary” play and subsequent absurd interviews by the Seattle team. Seattle and New England in the Super Bowl? Yuck.

So now the football season is officially over until August. The dead of Winter officially kicks in. Actually though, our Winter has been pretty decent this year. We just had some temps above freezing over the weekend and there are large patches of grass visible once again. That’s just crazy… and I’ll take it! We got an inch or so of snow last night so the roads are a bit messy but nothing too terrible. Plus, we wrap up January by the end of next week. Who else loves that!?

We made a weekend trip to Costco roaming around the store looking for interesting new dinner ideas. We came across an organic pizza kit that looked easy and promising.


It was pretty easy preparation: brush the crust with some olive oil, spread on a sauce packet, add toppings, and pop into the oven.




When you open the crust you get the amazing smell of yeasty bread. It smelled really good and fresh. I read the directions wrong and prepared everything on a cookie sheet but you cook it without anything under the crust. If I could change one thing, it would be to provide some of those paper plates (the ones that come under a frozen pizza) so you could lay the pizza on something before cutting.

Good, easy, and we have two more crusts for two more meals down the road. Not bad.

A new sub shop opened near our house and we’re going to try it out tonight. We’ve been watching the building being built over the last few months. At first it looked like an oddly shaped house – but it’s surrounded by residential streets so it seemed weird that a business would open there. I’m hoping it’s good AND I’m hoping it stays in business. It would be the perfect distance to bike to for meals over the Summer.

My to-do Summer list is growing. Ha ha 🙂

A couple months of Winter left to go. Any ideas on distracting myself from the crushing Packer defeat??


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