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Random Goals and The Car Dealership

Hey – we’re looking to possibly hit 30 degrees today! It’s a heat wave!! (Time to break out the sunblock and tank tops) 🙂

I was mildly amused yesterday because I had just stumbled across a random New Year’s Resolution generator. You pop in what area you’d like to focus on (health, relationship, fortune, random) and you get a spiffy new resolution.

Does this sound random to you or did they hit it right on the money?

sugar from the bag

(guilty – hahahaha) Maybe not straight sugar though 🙂

I hit “generate” once more to see if that was a fluke and was blown away AGAIN

exercise not food

That’s kind of spooky.

I switched gears and plugged in Ben’s name just to see if it would come close to him at all…

eat their food

He’s about as supportive as can be. He hides food for me better than he eats it. Luckily for him he doesn’t have the sweet tooth I have!

I mentioned that Ben’s car is coming up on being 10 years old in a few months and is racking up the mileage. It’s starting to get clunky and with the cold winter weather, not as reliable as we’d like it to be. Last weekend we were lounging around the house and I thought it would be fun to test drive a few cars to start getting an idea of what Ben liked and didn’t like…

Four days and 3 hours at the dealership later and he has a “new” car. I may be rolling my eyes just a bit on this too. The car he decided he wanted (Jeep Cherokee to replace his Grand Cherokee) only came out last year so there’s limited used options on the lots. We knew he wanted a hefty engine and 4-wheel drive with a bonus for Bluetooth and any fun bell or whistle.

Speaking of bells and whistles… the car they had on the lot was not only a stunning dark grey metallic but it had every imaginable feature available: heated seats, heated steering wheel (huh?), navigation, back-up cam, leather, remote start (jealous) and a panoramic sun roof. It was excessively over the top with just 5,000 miles.

We laughed and walked away with the idea that we’d keep our eyes open for the same car with less fancy-schmancy and hopefully a few $$$$ less. Then Ben started researching completely stripped down models with 20-30,000 miles. The price difference? About $3,000. Crazy, blowout price on this car.

And that is how we ended up with a ridiculous car for Ben last night. I was tired, hungry, and cold by the time we finished all the paperwork and I got to drive the new ride home (I love you, heated seats). I actually don’t like driving the car at all but it’s fun being the passenger poking the buttons and monkeying with the gadgets.

We stopped on the way home for a quick dinner – QDoba:


Now the project for this weekend is to vacuum out the old car, take a bunch of pictures, and get it posted online so we can try and sell it. Fingers crossed it can be sold quickly so we’re not dealing with maneuvering around 3 cars in the garage!

I’m still a bit mystified that our casual looking translated into a pricey purchase. I half-joked to Ben that my new kitchen is now in the garage. lol

What’s the biggest impulse buy you’ve ever made? I’d like to know if you guys do tons of research or buy based on how the car feels/handles/costs?


One Response

  1. I would say our biggest ‘impulse’ buy was our new house. We had been tire kicking the market thinking we might move some day. Then we saw the house fell in love that day and put an offer on it 2 days after it went on the market to grab it. Of course, you know how long that took to go through LOL!

    We did a lot of research before we bought the Prius. We were replacing a 13 year old car and knew it would be a car that we would have for a really long time and we wanted a hybrid. We test drove them and then thought about it for a while before we actually pulled the trigger.

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