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2015 Goals

One of my “goals” this week was to sit down and figure out what I want to accomplish in the new year. I looked back at my 2014 Goals and it was pretty cringe-worthy:

2014 GOALS

1. FIT INTO WEDDING DRESS Fail (I ended up buying a new dress)

2. Complete final 2 MBA classes and graduate Completed!

3. Set and complete a monthly goal Fail

Not very impressive… it was a hard year. I’m looking at 2015 all shiny and new and have been struggling with what the year holds. Where would I like to see myself a year from now? What would I want to accomplish? At the end of the day, my goals always seem to end up being the same and until I reach for them – I think they have to go on the yearly list.

2015 Goals:

1. Complete the 6 month Transformation Challenge (ends May 4th) and lose 10% of body weight

2. Keep the 10% of body weight off

3. Run a mile (this WILL be the year)

4. Tackle some landscaping in the yard (endless possibilities!)

5. Knit a blanket (I want to learn – time to buy some needles!)

6. Fully rehab the leg (my leg’s been bugging me for months. Time to foam roll, stretch, ice and do whatever else to get over this!)

January Bonus Goal: Win the most daily step challenges against Ben (currently ahead 7 to 5)

So I’ve got some fun goals this year along with some work. Every year I want to run a mile and every year I am defeated. I’m going to tackle it one tenth at a time, slowly (4.5mph) and then add a tenth each month or so. Once I can get a good jog for a full mile done, then I’ll work on increasing speed or distance. But I have to crawl before I can walk.

Now that I have a solid list, it’s time to work on the plan. A goal isn’t going to make itself happen, right? This weekend I need to plot out a course, come up with some good menu options, exercise options, and start looking for some beginner blanket patterns.

And watch the Packers. 🙂

Here’s to a FABULOUS and productive 2015!


One Response

  1. My football season is over now… booo. I thought the coaching was terrible in the colts/broncos game (why sooo many long passes for an injured QB??), so I wasn’t totally surprised at Fox’s firing, but I sure hope they have a good plan up their sleeves!

    I think you should not cringe at 2014. You got married! That makes up for any of the other stuff that didn’t go so well 😀

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