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NFC Championship 2015

NFC Championship 2015

That says it all. When I made my picks for who I wanted to win this weekend, the list was Green Bay, Denver, Carolina, and Baltimore. Only one of the teams I wanted actually advanced but it was the one that counted. I hate when a win comes with the stank of controversy but what can you do there? To be honest, I’m still confused how the Calvin Johnson touchdown from 2010 wasn’t a catch – the Dez Bryant catch yesterday I could understand since I actually saw the ball move around in his hand.

And the booing of Peyton Manning? Not classy. I’m guessing those fans would rather have Kyle Orton or Jay Cutler back?? I’m thinking no. But I’m sad Denver won’t be around to knock the Patriots out now… so go Colts!

Ben got a surprise call on Friday night from a company that provides software that Ben uses at work. He didn’t know the guy but they offered him a free ticket to the game! So Ben bundled up in 3 layers, took off for the 9am bus and ended up with tickets in the 6th row. He was in Heaven and came back with a very, very hoarse throat!


Despite watching way too much football, we had a fun Friday night with my MoH Jessie and her hubby. The boys enjoyed a Friday night drink:


We had an absolutely delicious dinner of homemade baked French onion soup (which I’ve never had) and a massive salad with every topping imaginable. Jess knows how to lay out an impressive spread of food. 🙂

001 002 005 003 006 008

Can you guess what TC series we’ve just started watching??


Since Ben was at the game, I went back to their house to watch and got a second round of delicious leftovers. Then Ben joined us for baked citrus chicken, amazing rice “with stuff in it”, and another salad with citrus wedges.

012 014

Is it a universal truth that dinner someone else prepares not only feels like a luxury but also usually tastes amazing?? It felt pretty awesome not to have to cook much this weekend.

Saturday was the only day we spent alone and we test drove some cross-over SUVs so we could start thinking about replacing Ben’s Jeep this year. It was a FREEZING day to be out and by the time we’d been to two dealers and drove 5 cars, my thighs were cubes of ice. I got home and turned on the heated blanket, grabbed a hot cup of decaf, and thawed out watching the football games.

Tonight we’re going to try one more dealership, hit the grocery store, and race back so I can watch The Bachelor. Ha – I know, planning an evening around a TV show is terrible. 🙂

I hope your weekends were relaxing and that you’re set to begin the new week! Let’s make it awesome. 🙂


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  1. It sounds like a great weekend of eats and fun times. Food usually tastes better when someone else does the cooking. Stay warm!

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