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Green Bay Ranked #2

It’s always exciting when your city or general geographic area is mentioned in the news and/or at the top of some US chart. However, the Green Bay / Appleton area owns the less-than-ideal ranking of being the second sickest area in the US. Yikes. At first that didn’t make any sense (and maybe because I live in a bubble) but as I sat and listened to the din in the office, I was astounded by the number of sniffs, wheezes, nose blowings, and coughs that never seemed to end. Everyone in the office is sick. No one is home. I am not sure why.

My hands are raw from the obsessive scrubbing I’ve been doing to wash them.

Evidently the flu vaccine people took was not protecting for the current strain we’re seeing this year. As a result – more flu cases. Some of the local hospitals are telling visitors not to come (for casual visits) in order to limit additional germs. Yesterday afternoon I started feeling a bit wonky and started getting worried that I was getting sick too. I got home and drank a few packs of EmergenC as well as took a few Sambucol tablets and I’m feeling good this morning (so far).

We had a fun dinner last night. Ben’s mom made us a meat pie for Christmas and we took it out of the freezer and popped it into the oven. Forty-five minutes later we had the delicious aroma of beef, veggies, and pie crust. You can’t beat that!


It was absolutely delicious. Growing up further North, we never had meat pies. Instead, mom would buy pasties from the church ladies who would bake them several times a year. The dough was marvelous and the pastry was overflowing with carrots, potatoes, onions, and beef. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve had one and I still remember how tasty they were. 🙂

But our dinner pie last night was loaded with beefy goodness. It definitely tasted (and smelled) like something grandma would have made. Don’t you love it when you eat food that tastes comforting??


And no dinner in the new year would be complete without a healthy helping of veggies. Costco had a gigantic bag of organic mixed veggies and now we have enough to last us a while.

One of the things both Ben and I have noticed this past week has been that even with a huge plate of food for dinner, we’re both hungry a few hours later. We eat around 5pm and the 7-8pm hour is often spent poking in the pantry and grabbing unhealthy snacks.

I’m not too sure about the change. Maybe because we’re trying to be a bit more active or maybe because we aren’t snacking on Christmas cookies and treats the way we had been. Regardless, we’re now trying a small protein shake at 7:30pm. I blended up some unsweetened Greek yogurt, frozen berries, strawberry protein powder, and a bit of milk. The result was a thick and creamy delicious drink. It was soooo good!


The protein powder is flavored with Stevia and provides enough sweetness to combat the tang of the yogurt and the frozen berries. Ben said it almost tasted like frozen yogurt and that he couldn’t even taste the protein powder. Win-Win

Now that we’re tucked well into 2015, has anyone discovered any fun new food tricks they want to share? I’m always looking for new ideas!

(And stay warm, -5 with a crazy wind chill going on here)


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