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2014 Rewind

It’s rewind time!

I’ve always loved these posts. It makes you realize how much you forget over the course of a year, doesn’t it? I always seem to find things on others’ blogs that I forgot about and it’s fun to look back at how much life can change over a quick year.


Considering the fact that the temps yesterday were in the negative 4 area, I guess not much changed from this year to last. A year ago we were battling the Polar Vortex with the nastiest bout of cold weather I’ve ever lived through.

low temps

It was wickedly cold which led to all kinds of dead trees and shrubs in the Spring. January was also the month where I tried to stop my thinning hair (a result of a low-carb diet) and ground up onions and other delightful ingredients for a nasty smelling concoction that supposedly would help stimulate my hair follicles. A year later, the thinning has definitely slowed but I wouldn’t say I have anywhere near the amount of hair I had before. 😦



The short month of the year! Besides working through my final semester of classes, February was devoted 100% to the Olympics. I live, breathe, eat, and bleed figure skating and while my predictions never turn out exactly the way I think they will, I love cheering for my favorites!! (Looking forward to cheering on Alex this summer in LA too!).



In March, Green Bay broke the yearly record for most days under 0 degrees (49 days). That’s one of those records you hope never to get close to breaking again. Ha. I’m happy with a winter in the 20s and 30s for sure.

I also hit a major milestone, I completed my last regular class in March and could blow a kiss to the three years of work I did for my MBA. I’m not lying when I say I don’t miss the stress of late night classes twice a week!

Ben and I also decided to try the 30 Day Plank Challenge. We actually did pretty good doing it together and thinking about it, I wouldn’t mind starting that back up again this year. It’s easy to modify – just add additional days at one time or increase time more  slowly to match your own level.

Oh yeah, and you know Spring is on the way when I make the inaugural “drying sheets on the line in the snow”. Take THAT Winter!!



Repeating our weekend excursion from 2013, Ben and I took a little weekend trip to Madison. We picked out china and variety of other fun stuff for our wedding registry and basically enjoyed celebrating the end of college for me. Looking back, I think we need another trip like that this year!

We also joined a club for a 3-month boot camp bonanza! It was tough getting started and I’ve never been so sore in my life but it was the good kind of sore and I started feeling stronger in just a couple weeks. Plus, we got a great welcoming gift:


I loved boot camp and I miss it. If only it had been a bit closer and a lot more affordable!


Ahh May, I remember you well. May was a really challenging month. I started dealing with some really difficult things that weren’t shared on the blog. Ironically, May might also have been my most favorite month.

With Winter long gone I was back enjoying sunshine, my flowering trees, and digging in garden soil. How does it get any better than that!?


Plus, I started making delicious fiesta rice which became a Summer staple in the kitchen

025And I also came to the realization that I just wasn’t going to lose weight quickly enough to fit into my wedding dress. It was a hard realization with a lot of painful moments but the end result was that I got the dress I had always wanted and never knew existed. Some times these things work out.


Hurray – I made my first successfully tasty spinach salad with fresh garden greens!


We hosted a picnic, watched the plants in my garden grow, tackled tons and tons of wedding planning and resurfaced the driveway.



July brought laughter, smiles, and a wide array of excitement.

The return of PEACHES


Gigantic peppers from the garden:


My bridal shower:


berry picking…


and we transported enough rabbits off the property that my lilies finally bloomed!! Hip Hip Hurray!

(I had been trying for YEARS to guess what color they would be)


I’m still in love with them even though it’s January right now. 🙂


Ahh the month of my birthday and the month before the long-awaited wedding.

In August the garden was literally bursting with a bounty of bell peppers. We had quite the bumper crop!


Ben and I went to another Packer game:


and we took my folks to a lovely day trip exploring Door County:



Hmm September.

What an odd month. I remember cheering Alex along to a personal best for his second full marathon!

I cut my thin and lifeless hair .. and began a never-ending job of chopping and freezing our garden peppers:


And I got married to my best friend and the love of my life… I know I talked a bit about the wedding leading up to it and then went pretty quiet and that was intentional. Truth be told, I’m still trying to grasp the day. My friends tell me I’ll look back years later and laugh but for now, I block it all out and just don’t think about it. It’s better that way, for now anyways…

But I thought my long-term readers deserved a picture of the final dress (especially considering all the trouble that went into getting it!):


But September ended amazingly well – with a fabulous trip to Punta Cana for our honeymoon! I can’t think of a better or more needed break away from everything!


We settled into a new post-honeymoon, post-school, post-wedding pace in October. It was a bit of a fog with a lot of time just mentally taking care of myself, being lazy, and probably eating more junk food than was wise. 🙂



I started a 6-month weight-loss challenge to lose 10% of my body weight before May 2015. I guess hitting that 10% is one of my 2015 goals for the new year!

I also made several batches of warm and hearty beef stew – learning that the key to a divine taste is the addition of Worcestershire sauce



In the final month of 2014, we decked our halls with trimmery and bows, baked festive treats, and enjoyed the lights and color of the Season.


We rung in the new year with friends, quietly and peacefully and look forward to whatever 2015 brings. A fresh year filled with possibilities, goals, and challenges waiting to be reached!

Here’s to the best year yet…


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  1. You certainly had an eventful year! I love your wedding dress, too. That is a great picture.

    And the lilies, just gorgeous! Now I can’t wait for gardening season.

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