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Eight Maids a Milking

Ben sprung on me late last night that he had an ugly sweater contest at work today and wondered if I happened to have any ugly sweaters lying around. Why yes, I just happen to have several drawers filled with ugly clothes on the off-chance you’ll need something </sarcasm> ha

Luckily friends of ours went to an ugly sweater party last year and had a couple solid contenders. We went over and had Ben model the choices.

Love the sparkles, it was a little short though…


And the winner:


There are little gift tags dangling down from all around the sweater. It also has shoulder pads which Ben thinks make him look “more manly”. It was funny watching him try and button it though – I don’t think he knew women’s shirts button on the other side.

We got home and settled into watching “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”. It’s Ben’s favorite Christmas movie and I bought him a copy the first year we were dating. We have 4 gifts left to purchase and the present wrapping count is at ZERO. We’ve baked nothing and haven’t even come up with a plan on what we will bake. Do I really only have 8 days to go??


We have our decorations up.

Ben wrapped some garland on the staircase and I added a few poinsettia for color.
Our Black Saturday tree from last year is decked out in the festive flowers too.
I bought this little guy last week and I love him!
My Beanie Babies are back out. I have a TON from when I was a kid and now I pull out the holiday ones and strew them about…
Ben’s mini tree:
Here’s a funny item. When I was young, my mom would take us to a lady’s house out in the country. In her basement she ran a pottery business. You could pick out a piece of pottery, clean it, sand it, and paint it. We made glazed flower pots and all kinds of things. Some of my earliest pieces evidently were this hodge-podge of Christmas angels and baby Jesus. There are a lot of missing angel wings. 🙂
And finally, Ben’s new BAR sign. Not at all Christmas-y but he turns it on along with all the other lights in the house. I thought it was funny how the camera flipped the green bottle and blue glass and captured their upside down shadows in the picture.

Soooo….. we probably need to buckle down, check our lists twice, and get that holiday shopping done! Down to the wire. I think this weekend will consist of non-stop wrapping, baking, and Christmas tunes.

Oh what fun!


One Response

  1. I love the sweater. He just needed garland scarf to take it over the top!

    We don’t wrap too many presents. We use gift bags and tissue paper. The families rotate the bags all around each year, although they still use mostly wrapping paper. The nieces get wrapping paper, though – because they are young and like tearing the paper.

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