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10 Day Countdown

Were talking just 10 days until Christmas folks! I don’t know about you, but we’re all dressed and looking mighty festive around here…


Oh yeah, now that’s fancy stuff. 😉

We got a nativity set for our wedding and I was excited to get it all spread out on our sofa table. I think I need to do some more shopping to find a better table runner though. I think the bright red is pretty cheerful but doesn’t go so well with the set.


My Christmas carnations are looking pretty good – even after a few weeks. Ben doesn’t know a carnation from a baby’s breath but he knows that “whatever those are, they last a really long time”. So, they are Ben’s flower of choice. For me, heck I just love getting surprise flowers. 🙂002 003

We went over for dinner with my folks this weekend. Mom made a batch of chili and it feels like forever since I’ve had some (certain dishes your Mom makes you can’t pass up), so we stopped over for dinner and some card games.


Mom made lazy daisy cake for dessert – it has a broiled caramel coconut frosting on top. Mmm hmmm


And then we all settled down for “Get Your Neighbor” and “Cheat”. Evidently I always win so I started goofing off a bit more to let other people beat me. Humph – I may do well playing Cheat but I finished 4th out of 5 in Get Your Neighbor.


Matt was keeping a steady stream of Christmas tunes going at the table and a great evening was had by all.


We’re planning on some more games and shenanigans for Christmas Day too. I can’t wait!! We left a lot later than I expected and I completely crashed last night. We got up early (well, “Sunday Early” – meaning 6:30 am) to go grab the early bird breakfast special. We are trying to make this our new Sunday morning tradition and although I like having the ability to sleep in, I admit it is AMAZING hitting the grocery store at 8:15 instead of 9:30 with all the crowds of people!! Just make sure I have adequate coffee first!!!


I’ve been trying to rehab my leg and am slowly back walking on the treadmill. Take a couple of months with no real exercise and add a bunch of unhealthy food and you’ve got an Ali who is not all that happy with the scale. I used to have so much leg pain I could barely walk to the end of the road and back but I’ve been able to manage a full half hour on the treadmill going a bit over 3mph. Not fast at all but even with a little incline it still gets me moving. Hopefully I’ll be able to work on increasing that speed and duration without the pain coming back. So far so good!

For unknown reasons I’ve been exhausted this past week. Three nights in a row I came home and fell asleep on the couch right after dinner. Today we ate lunch and then I settled in to watch the Packer game (ouch, not a great game!) and fell asleep through the last half. Then I woke up, got the final score, commiserated Ben, and fell back asleep for ANOTHER two hours. How can I be that tired?! I know it’s been a really stressful couple of weeks but whoa.

This girl is definitely counting down the days until Christmas vacation!

I hope you had a FABULOUS weekend. Anyone do anything awesome???


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