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Catching Up but Still Behind

Hey everyone!

Gosh, I’m terrible. Every time I think about putting together a blog post, it’s usually when I’m no where near the computer and I’m snapping away at pictures thinking “Oh, this will be fun for the blog” only to never actually post anything. It’s been one of those random and crazy times at work where everything is moving way, way too fast. I had settled into a nice pace for wrapping work up and then coasting into my almost 2 weeks of vacation over the holidays. Instead, I’m swimming in a boatload of emails, meetings, and work to help hit an out-of-the-blue and completely unattainable timeline (but you have to try to know it’s unattainable, apparently) – which means long days. I’m coming in early (hence no time to blog over coffee), leaving late, and working evenings as well.

But enough of all that. What I want to say is: I miss all of you! I’m behind on catching up on my blog reading too. While I’d love to say I’ll be caught up soon, I’m not making promises I am not sure I can keep! 🙂

We had bought a bag of apples for making pie but I ran out of time and decided to make crisp instead. How can anyone in the world not be crazy about cinnamon and sugar dusted apples?


I promised Ben that one of these days I would make him a real pie though. He’s as crazy about pie as he is about football (speaking of which, Goooooo Packers!!)


Ben went to hang the lights out this weekend and noticed that sections of every single strand of lights we had were not working. How does that happen? All of them worked fine when we took them down last year!! So we punted and tried some new ones we had stored away… We’re a strand short for the roofline and debating whether or not we should get one more of just leave it as is.

The tree is up and finally decorated properly. We have a fake tree and hang those Scentsicles on the tree. I absolutely love the new Holly Wreath scent. The box generally says to use 4-6 but the smell is pretty strong so we start out with 2 and then will add one every week or so. Then after Christmas, I hang them in one of my fake trees and they make the room smell great all year. I’m in love. 🙂

I’m trying (unsuccessfully) to get some much-needed organization done. I thought I would try and clean out some paper and misc stuff from the kitchen – and all I have now is a kitchen table littered with odds and ends.


Those full-sized candy bars we bought for trick-or-treaters last year! I think I can safely throw those out now.

We’ve been dining on meals that last for several days. It’s better than making poor Ben do all the cooking while I’m clanking around the computer working. I made another big batch of chicken and wild rice soup and this time we left the roux out so it was a bit healthier. It was still really, really good. Ben bought some cook and serve biscuits and I am really itching to find a good biscuit recipe so I can try and make them myself sometime.


Just a lot of stuff going around here but I’ll do my very best to get on here more. Like I said, I miss all my blog peeps.

I hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season. I have the non-stop Christmas song radio station programmed into my car now. Hurray!

Have a great day everyone. 🙂


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  1. I was just going to shoot you an email today asking if all was okay!

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