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Too Much Food x2

Wheeew, I just took a breath. 🙂

Isn’t it amazing how one minute you can be leisurely strolling through and the next minute you’re flying around like a crazy person?? That’s me. I was settling into the end of the year wrapping up projects and looking forward to using up a LOT of vacation time (use it or lose it by year end!). Late last week my boss hit me with a surprise new project that has no real scope, an unrealistic timeline, and requires a lot of people who also do not have time and have a ton of vacation. That means I’ve been walking around trying to put pieces together and see what we can come up with. Long hours and not a lot of down time.

I’m a bit behind in wrapping up Thanksgiving for you, but I still want to because we had some delicious, delicious, delicious eats. I always love the Holidays in blog-land because you get to peek into the traditions and love of different families and see how people come together to celebrate. It’s magical for me.

Thanksgiving morning (I still remember a couple of years ago when it was so warm Ben hung the lights in a sweater):


I was on the list to bring the usual pecan sweet potato casserole and despite PROMISING myself that I would peel and cut the sweet pots the night before, I found myself frantically peeling a huge pile two hours before we needed to head out the door. Oops.

022I was determined to take pictures of the process this year… and then the time and chaos in the kitchen got in the way. Another oops! Lots of things going on at once to maximize the time.


One pan would be immediately cooked, one would be stored in the fridge, and the third would stay on the counter so it would take less time to heat later. I had my biggest stockpot brimming with potatoes and I was feverishly working on the delicious topping. Once the pan went into the oven, it was off for a quick shower in between the 15 minute window for uncovering the dish.


In the end we ended up with a large pan for my family, a medium pan for Ben’s family, and a tiny pan for Ben and me.

Plus a large pile of dishes!!

025 Tis the season. 🙂

We started with meal #1 with Ben’s family. All the usual trimmings. It’s hard to remember to pace yourself because there’s another big meal just hours away!


Four hours later we were on the way to meal #2 with my family and another plate of delicious food!


When you look at my plate that doesn’t seem like much – but double it to count the first meal and add on a slice of pumpkin pie – and one of apple too!


I ate way too much and was uncomfortably stuffed. It’s so hard because it feels like you’re only getting a nibble of food you waited a whole year to eat (hello stuffing). 🙂

Alex ran the Turkey Trot 5 mile run that morning and plowed through a ton of food. He burns it off as quickly as he eats it. The roads for the race were terrible though – lots of ice – and people were falling along the course. Alex eased up quite a bit so he wouldn’t wipe out mid-stride and risk hurting himself.

We love seeing our families but there’s no doubt the two meals are really hard in one day. We had tried to separate the events but that didn’t go over so well… so we’ll have to see what we can do going forward. I’m not as young as I used to be (ha!).

Hope you’re having a fabulous day everyone and that your Thanksgiving celebrations were relaxing and tasty. Off to work I go!


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  1. That 2 family thing is tough. Maybe dinner at one and dessert at the other? And then alternate that.

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